22. bis 25. Juni 2005 Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe

One of the major Open Source events in Europe

Who will be there from tw staff: I have free tickets ... if you want some, please mail me or irc (toggg)

please, fill in your name and page link

We try to organize something, any ideas ?

We are in the process of registering for a talk at the Oscom-Conference 2005on 22. june:

Thinking of giving a talk about "The world as a bunch of open communities"
This idea was diminished by ordnas on #oscom
Although they don't want to have CMS-specific talks, they want to have tech-centered talks!

I hope to give a talk about PEAR's wiki interpreter, see WikiParser
A talk subject perhaps:
... err ... no more, anyway I will have the stuff ready, any weapon, somebody ?

Free the CMSs !

  • be independant of DB drivers
    • the "burned in" approach as adoDB (tikiwiki, tikipro, ...)
    • PEAR's MDB2 (jaws, ...): SQL based on XML definitions
    • other approaches

  • be independant of the wiki syntax
    • PEAR's TextWiki: a converter example
    • wysiwig trend
    • HTML but safe

Any other ideas?

The active discussion goes on on IRC's freeNode.net
  • #whatYouWant (Hmmm...)

official OSCOM's #oscom
or alternatively

  • #tikiwiki
  • #tikiwiki-de