This page is to discuss/log configurations

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WikiWords are off


  • When logged in, everything should be SSL
    • cookies for login credentials should be restricted to secure protocol for this purpose
  • Else, HTTP or HTTPS, but with the canonical at HTTP (better for SEO)
  • waiting for Refizul's proposal
    • we need to consider cookie related questions about Intertiki shared cookie for sliding auth under same domain
    • we need to check browser dependent issues, cookies for domain do not work always

Remember me

  • They should all be set to the same. Ex.: 1-week

Top Menu

Footer code


Unified Search (Zend_Search_Lucene)

  • All sites should be on a rebuild cron job

Search fallback

note: some, like are slightly different that the others. So don't just blindly delete stuff :-)




  • Users & Groups are managed on * and permissions are set on each site. A user's group list is updated on * upon the next login.

User preferences

  • User prefs are set on and they should propagate to all * sites (via InterTiki)

Domain names

  • redirect to is the official URL, but we want visitors to go the cleaner, more focused by default
  • redirects to * All subdomains should redirect with a 301 code and we'll keep that domain forever
  • Domain name
  • Domains


Detect browser language to off because users can get out of date info and not know to check the English version

Other logs of changes