Volunteering Facilitator: @Gary Cunningham-Lee


Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 15:00:00 UTC time (click to check time zone in your location)


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17 Feb 2022 15:00 GMT-0000
20 Feb 2022 15:00 GMT-0000
24 Feb 2022 15:00 GMT-0000



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First hour, quick topics

  1. Tiki last release update status
    * Tiki24 Beta
    * Tiki24 schedule
  2. ...

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Second hour, longer topics

1. Proposal to have a rating/scoring/categorization system for themes
This is a follow-up to a discussion on Matrix about themes. One suggestion was to have "Class A" themes, "Class B" themes, etc. based on some criteria. My first thought was "how is this possible?" But thinking about it more, I think it would be difficult and divisive to judge themes on artistic merit or other subjective basis.

But what we could do is make a checklist of things that the theme should do right, such as have good color contrast (i.e., meet web accessibility standards/guidelines), style all the components properly, not break in any feature, not break specified UX guidelines, etc. This checklist would also be good to have for testing themes in new releases, etc. (Of course, if a theme has a low score so is "Class B", the question arises "why not just fix the issues?" but I imagine time constraints or other factors might cause us to release a Tiki version with both Class A and B themes (or C?).)

Also, to avoid subjective aesthetic judgements, I suggest having tags or categories including from the conservative end of the spectrum, "business-appropriate" and on the other end, also "artsy", "retro" "avant-garde", or whatever to signal to users/admins that we know these categories of themes are "special-purpose" but we include them for variety. What do you think?

2. ...


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