We had our Monthly meeting yesterday (15/07/2021)

The recording of the discussion is there : https://tiki.org/Roundtable-Meeting-2021-07

People are invited to vote for the next meeting schedule and to participate to organise the next TRM (add your name as facilitator) here : https://tiki.org/Roundtable-Meeting-2021-08

This is a short summary of things discussed.
(please keep in mind that this is a quick summary from my mind, feel free to add and adjust information)

  • We discussed the way we prepare our TRM
    • Bsfez volunteered to coordinate, advertise and organise them as official task till the end of the year
    • Various dates and times will be proposed to allow more and different people to join
    • Everyone is invited to propose topics and help to prepare meetings (during the meeting preparation time)
    • When there is no enough topics proposed by volunteers they will be picked from Tiki medias (forums, pages, devlist, etc)

  • Status on Tiki 23 release process
    • Tiki23 was branched successfully and look pretty solid
    • Due to awesome and good (big) stuff we branched a month later
    • Due to next server issue we couldn't test and now we can keep the process moving forward (Alpha?, Beta)
    • More work and task before the final release are to be planned
    • Users are welcomed to test and reports Tiki23
    • Gary mentioned that the SmartMenu addition is working fine

  • Status on TikiFest Virtual 2021 Summer Workshops
    • Not enough interest/request and previous volunteers didn’t come back on this event
    • The event is "cancelled" for now (may be someone will plan another day)

  • Site closed translation dilemma
    • We should have a better way to manage (not through URL parameters) and edit (one language) text string on the page when everything else is down (no php)
    • We have a ticket about this and more information will be put there
    • Jonny mentioned that Wordpress has an original solution about this and Bernard will check (as well as other options) and report it in the ticket

  • Improve setup.sh php version detection
    • As the initiator of the question wasn’t with us we tried to figure and review a bit the feature
    • Most of the people are ok with the way it is working (it is a dev tool)

  • Menu option for Wizards integration in our new admin dashboard
    • Jonny completed the integration into Tiki23 new admin menu

  • Gitlab questions and answers
    • Failure on pipeline was discussed (people reported it is broken now)
    • Various test are performed and it is quit hard to understand what is critical and is not for common people
    • While it is important to have them working and preventing Tiki to break merge request can be done
    • Ricardo’s team implemented and seems to be in charge of this and with new addition (PR12) there are waves

  • How to develop the new Admin Dashboard?
    • Everybody seems to agree this is a great improvement (during the TRM and different occasion)
    • There is a profile to install dashboard "plugins" (created from scratch by Jonny) and Xavi raised a issue about profile install return page
    • While some setting were done without real discussion, we agreed the new Admin should be optional but enable by default (eventually a message/warning) will allow people to get back to legacy quickly
    • Jonny profile was done in a rush and need to be improved (communication, update, ...), people are invited to try and give their recipes
    • We saw that the dashboard is nicely integrated with Module (Admin) and fully customisable using existing Tiki tools
    • We need an improvement so modules of features that are not used are not displayed (default dashboard)
    • We have now (thanks Jonny) a plugin list module so we can virtually use any information from the Unified Index
    • The name of "things" was discussed (as well as breaking all Admin documentation page) ;-)

  • Status on Tiki Community 2021 Navigation Revamp
    • Gary and Bernard presented the actual work done by the Navigation revamp team (with Aris, Carsten and Marc)
    • People seems to like it and encouraged the implementation: 1 main top menu, 1 topbar menu per section (dev, doc, etc), a main content in the page (loaded visible screen)
    • As the main ideas/principes have been discussed, Gary and Bernard have to set it (naming, prioritising important links by placement, etc)

Have nice week end,