First hour, quick topics

  1. Tiki last release update status
    * Tiki24 branched
    * Tiki24 schedule
    * Reminder of guideline (where to commit, what, etc.)
  2. Plugin Signature: Ask for more brains, please see:
  3. Tiki forums, improving, moderation;
    * Where goes the "reported" notice ? (I found out that someone was using our forum to publish SPAM and the posts were reported 3 times)
  4. Outputting search results somewhere else than the screen
    Actually results from plugin List or custom search goes to the screen. Wouldn't it be clever to have other output options ?
    * File (css)
    * Print
    * PDF

Second hour, longer topics

  1. Feedback and discussion about the top bar menu and the landing pages design/revamp and the UX
  2. Proposal to enable themes to style Unified Admin Backend