The Documentation Site currently runs on TikiWiki -Eta Carinae-, we want to upgrade this to TikiWiki -Polaris-. There are a few areas which we need to test fully before we swap the domain to point to the new install:

  • Wiki Structure - We need to test and make sure that the wiki structure has survived the upgrade process
  • Site Theme - The doc site uses a custom theme, we will have to merge this with any changes that might have happened in 1.8 templates

This is my action plan which I propose to use:

  1. database backup
  2. file system backup
  3. create new database
  4. dump 1.7.4 db into .sql file format
  5. upload .sql file into new database
  6. create new directory to hold the doc1.8 source
  7. create a temporary url to access the 1.8 doc site
  8. grab the latest BRANCH-1-8 from CVS
  9. setup TikiWiki permissions and database connection
  10. copy the style into the new folder
  11. Run the database upgrade scripts

After that we need to compare the wiki structure between the two installation. Hopefully with a bit of luck everything should be good and I can modify apache to use the new folder for the domain.

We are going to need proof readers for the process to make sure the structure is intact, if you are able please come and join us in #tikiwiki on IRC. For assistance in connecting to IRC and #tikiwiki please see our wiki page ConnectingToIrc

I will post the results of the upgrade here after the event.