The scheduled upgrade for to the cvs BRANCH-1-8, was successfull tonight at around 9pm GMT. I was joined by ))OneOfMany,RickCogley,RedFlo(( and ggeller.

Following the action plan in my recent post the upgrade went smoothly without problems. Heres a summary of the upgrade process:

I did a fresh install and moved the img/wiki_up incase the structure upgrade script didnt work

  • created new folder for cvs branch-1-8 and co tikiwiki to there
  • duplicated the tikiwiki Doc site database to a tikiwiki18 database
  • copied the theme and img/wiki_up to the new tree
  • setup permissions on the new tree and create a database connection via tiki-install
  • run the tiki_1.7to1.8.sql upgrade script
  • click option to run another script
  • run the comments fix.sql upgrade script
  • click option to run another script
  • run the structure.sql upgrade script
  • click do nothing and enter tiki

I set up a temporary domain name to allow us to compare between the 1.7.4 site and the 1.8 site. Everything looked good. ))OneOfMany(( spotted the Search needs cosmetics sorting out, Redflo noticed the wiki structure navigation icons are missing. These are due to the differences between 1.7 templates and 1.8 templates.

Once we were happy I moved the domain to point to the new branch-1-8 folder and removed the tiki-install.php