Version 1.8.4 - Polaris -

* [FIX] individual wiki page permissions could be bypassed
* [FIX] path disclosure vulnerabilities in the smarty_tiki area
* [FIX] removing any parent categories of an object caused the object to
        become uncategorized even if there are other parent categories
* [FIX] version conflicts related to wiki tag restorations
* [FIX] wiki edit permission shouldn't depended on global wiki view permission
        even if individual permissions are assigned for a wiki page
* [FIX] duplicate version numbers when editing wiki pages
* [FIX] scrollbar of textarea jumped to the top after using a quicktag in
        Gecko-based browsers
* [FIX] articles plugin ignored displayed 0 comments all the time
* [FIX] default groups for users were displayed even when they were not set
* [FIX] bugged display of the rating field when selecting article type
* [FIX] workaround for environments where $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is undefined
* [MOD] added RSS feeds with optional authentication
* [FIX] reply icons were displayed in forum threads even if user has no
        permission to post
* [FIX] forum stats aren't updated after moving a thread (until someone enters
        the affected forum)
* [FIX] broken find function for orphan wiki pages
* [FIX] tracker categorization broken on tiki-admin_trackers.php
* [FIX] avoid login problems when tiki-index.php is the DirectoryIndex
* [FIX] current page was deleted without a trace when rolling back to a
        previous version, resulting in the inability to undo a rollback and a
        gap in version numbers
* [FIX] CATEGORY() plugin couldn't handle type=directory or type=forum
* [FIX] a forum home was selected even when none is set in Admin/Forums
* [FIX] directory category removal function left zombie subcategories and
        member sites
* [FIX] buggy wiki page edit-conflict feature
* [FIX] users logging in from the Tiki homepage were not sent to their group
* [FIX] users logging in from any wiki page were redirected to the wiki
* [FIX] inner boxes created by embedding BOX plugins within each other had
        messed up line spacing
* [FIX] author of a shoutbox msg changed to the shoutbox admin who edits the
* [FIX] name inputted by an anonymous user in Live Support was lost
* [FIX] overlib tooltips in moreneat.css extended across the entire screen
* [MOD] diff engine was replaced with LGPL code to avoid licensing issues