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Damian as of 16 Jan 2004 already started work in this area. I am going to bring to Tiki blogs a small feature to start off with:

arrow Marking a blog entry as private, read only to yourself.
work has started on this now in CVS!
arrow I am also going to implement the typical friends list and mood indicators
arrow Categorisation of individual blog posts. (I think personally this will solve a problem I have on one of my sites where I use categorys as a main form of navigation.)

UserPagebpfaffenberger Take a look at Moveable Type, which is used by very many active bloggers. It is popular for several reasons:

  1. Readability. The default styles are beautiful, legible, and need little modification out of the box in order to put up a credible blog.
  2. Categorization. Easy to select/restrict display of posts by category (TikiWiki really needs this, and throughout — articles would also benefit)
  3. Archiving. Posts are conveniently and accessibly archived by category, day, week, month, etc.
  4. Rich assortment of plugins (see http://mt-plugins.org/category.php, which categorizes them nicely.
  5. SimpleComments. Very popular new plugin (see http://kalsey.com/2003/02/simplecomments/; also has examples. Author realizes that trackbacks are comments. Goes and gets the trackback text and posts it as a comment along with other comments. Infinitely cool.
  6. Topic icons. Popular plugin.

arrow Anything else we like the sound ofquestion

arrow paulap has created a wiki page about criteria and feature requests, BlogIdeasPaulap. The goal is to bring the tikiwiki blog to the top of the blog systems (I hope the developers hear me wink).

arrow Take a look at a new blog product from pMachine - Expression Engine. Here is the full featurelist.

arrow blogs<->wiki connection. I think this is of the utmost importance. In fact I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented yet ( I could be blind however and not notice this at all confused. I'll explain what I mean with a use case. Suppose after I finish editing this, that I will go to my blog and make an entry referencing this wiki entry. ("I made a post to BlogDev, yay!"). Now I have a link directly to this entry in my blog. What should happen next is that everyone who hits this wiki entry should also have a way of seeing the link to my blog entry referencing this page. I made a post about it on the forums here. Please let me know what your thoughts on this are.. I believe some sites out there implement such functionality already. --dmitrym.

This sounds great. It seems to me Tiki needs a "render" class that takes a bunch of text and does all the necessary linking to the various sections. You can bet once blog<->Wiki is done, people will want Blog<->articles (etc!). Obviously, any such "render" class needs to be configurable, so you could switch off Wiki linking in FAQs, but leave them on in Articles (etc). ...CooferCat

arrow Extended Text - by all means make it more swish than my quick patch ;-) ...CooferCat

Page referenced in Doc: Blogs

arrow Allow for the $comments_show to be set from some configuration menu (preferably the blog itself config), so that comments can always be shown when pressing the "view comments" link, instead of having to click twice just to see the comments.
Anonymous comments need to have scope to voluntarily put in name, email, webpage (etc) info. Something for CommentDev perhaps! ...CooferCat

arrow While working with the PHP to actually do any of this, have a thought for SEFURLs - the URLs used in the blogs are really hard to make friendly. In general, make the URLs as short as possible, consistently order variables in the query string and always specify the same things. E.g. do specify BlogId even though PostId is actually enough to locate the post. Don't specify sort order unless the user is specifically ordering the output (and so on). I sort of wonder if the whole thing needs rethinking, but in the meantime, some (reasonably) simple tidying up will do. ...CooferCat

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