Bryan Pfaffenberger

I'm a professor at the University of Virginia (School of Engineering and Applied Science). I've been using Tikiwiki since September, 2002 as the platform for building technology into my courses. I am interested in helping with:

  • documentation
  • usability
  • instructional applications.

Please visit my class Tikiwiki site

Please visit http://pfaff.tcc.virginia.edu/tcc401p to see how I'm using Tiki in my current course (Technology and Western Civilization).

General usability suggestions

In no particular order... as they occur to me...

  • When a new Tiki page is created, there should be an Editor-level option that brings up the current menus and allows the page creator to add a link to the selected menu. This would save TONS of development time!
  • Messages — need option to enable users to save a copy of their sent messages.

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