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Hi tikiwikers,

the blog feature of tikiwiki is powerful and has a nice integration to the other components like wiki. But to succeed against the large number of compeditors in the open source and the commercial market, we need a lot more "killerfunctions" within the blog-component and the whole tikiwiki-system.

Now I want to try, to mention some important features and criteria for a blog system. In my opinion it's important to give these functions to admins and users.

PLEASE edit or comment if you have additional features, you mean they are needed and reasonable. If you (mostly developers of tikiwiki) know or mean, that a function / feature is implemented yet or can be realized throughout customizing, please reply too. THX.

))ExpressionEngine(( is a new product from pMachine. Here is the feature list and it looks very nice. Some ideas we should cover.


1.b categories for posts (assign, search, group by)

1.b navigation by category (within a left/right module)

1.c trackback per categoriy

1.d RSS-Feed per category

2.a viewing of comments (collabse) of a post within the list-view, depending on personal preferences (open, close, possible or not)

3.a custumizable ranking of posts (1..5, very nice - bad,...), the ranking idea must be define by admins

3.b nice reports about the ranking of posts (like surveys) per blog, for all blogs, for categories,...

4.a add a userdefined comment and the trackback URI by send a post per e-mail

5.a define the charset (utf, iso,...) per RSS-Stream / blog

6.a calender per blog (as left/right) to navigate time-dependent

6.b choose a timeperiod and view all posts of a / more blogs within this time-frame

7.a last changes per blog / all blogs (within a left/right module), customizable (per count, rank,, date,...)

7.b recent / last posts with the first x characters of the text in a module (per count, rank, date)

7.c last comments per blog / all blogs (within a left/right module), custumizable (per count, rank, date,...)

8.a censorship of words (for all blogs, certain blogs), admin defines the groups of words

9.a integration of a poll or a more complex survey in a post

9.b reports of polls / surveys of a blog

10.a reviewed and tested use of tools like w.bloggar (international too)

10.b interface to tools like Radio Userland

11.a mobile blogging (posting) per cell phones (WAP,SMS), PocketPCs,...

11.b posting per ))E-Mail(( to a Blog

12.a support of weblogs.com ping

13.a store posts as drafts and publish later (important if use a workflow to publish a post)

14.a store posts and define the timeframe to publish this post (like articles)

15.a easy use of predefined templates (HTML, CSS,...) from other systems like MoveableType or Radio Userland

15.b a template editor

16.a if viewing a blog the search should be always for blogs (exept a "complex search" or other predefined per admin)

17.a implementation of a blog-pilot (auto-pilot, remote control) (similar to a slideshow, automatic navigation, foreward, rewind, pause, play,...)

17.b admins and users can define a blog-pilot-route (depending on rights)

New 1.2.2004 18:20 MET

17.c the blog-pilot should integrate blogs on other sites and from other blog systems

17.d if a post is part of the pilot-route, a trackback / ping is automatically added. The other post should "know" that he is part of a blog-route

There is a Wiki page already concerning the blog system. Read BlogDev for more.

18.a Archiving posts (depends on timeframe, category,...) to a XML structure, to re-read and eventualy import these structures with other systems (and vice-versa!). Then delete the posts from tikiwiki blog. Not to forget to create a log-file.

18.b Managing post means implementing functions for group operations for posts. This can be: set read to owner, set hidden,.... Important is the group manipulation aspect.

19.a there is a need of a summary text field for use in mobile editions (short text version) or viewing in a overview list type (like news / articles).

20.a blacklist for referers (trackback source)

New 3.2.2004 14:30 MET

21.a Optional posting fields for keywords, excerpts, and extended posts

22.a IP-Banning

23.a Per-post options (enabling comments, TrackBacks,...)

24.a Page hit statistics


I hope this will help to push your / our efforts in the right direction. More criteria will come in the next days.

Looking foreward to your feedback and extension.


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