Communications Team

Release responsibilities

  1. Publish news on tiki.org, SourceForge, Freshmeat, etc.
  2. Send tiki.org newsletters to subscribers:
    1. Tiki Releases
    2. Tiki News
  3. Update info on all Listings
  4. Inform Try Tiki sites. (OpenSourceCMS.com, etc)
  5. Promote on all relevant Social networking sites. (Facebook, etc.)
  6. Promote on all Wiki and CMS-related resources (ex.: CMScritic.com)



Team Communications

Inactive members
Inactive members Cyril Gallant, flor, GuyVigneault, janbambach, RĂ©gis Barondeau, WizarDave are invited to reactivate membership at any time.

To join the team or simply to volunteer to help, please contact one of the existing members. Remember though - you can help out in communications even if not officially part of the team - thanks in advance!

Tasks (do and cross out)

  1. http://info.tiki.org/tiki-list_banners.php are out of date and need a clean-up
  2. 2010-09 Marc Laporte Interview CMS Critic
  3. Fix this by opening and using a different Kaltura account
  4. Get approval on this one or delete it by december 2010 if not getting an OK to either edit more or leave as is and send it to Youtube. Here is the countdown: december 31st, 2010. After which this video clip will be deleted
  5. Major overhaul to Wikipedia entry
    See Tiki Wikipedia Entry for work in progress (and to help!).
  6. get listed on http://www.aiimcommunities.org/e20/buyers-guide/product-index (the page does not seem to exist anymore on that site)
  7. investigate http://www.cmsmyth.com/
  8. Get listed on hotscripts.com

Ongoing responsibilities

Maintain sites

Newsletter/tiki.org blog/social media

  • monthly newsletter (Jan to draft for approval of rest of team - draft will be a wiki page, 2nd week of the month, will be sent out using Constant Contact newsletter software as (1) it has precautions to prevent our domain to be flagged as being a spammer, (2) it has tracking and stats features missing in Tiki Newsletter feature.)
  • blogging (Jan to blog twice a month, how-tos/event reviews/new features and releases, will draft content or work with rest of team to generate content)
  • social media (Jan to help admin Facebook/LinkedIn, and participate in Twitter)
    • refer to blog, live updates, call to action on a regular basis
    • approving new users (Facebook/LinkedIn) in the group member applications



Tiki Tweets

Some RSS feeds to monitor:

Issue news releases

CMS resources

See Upcoming News for pending news releases.

A little aside: http://techcrunch.com/2010/09/06/meetyourfriends/ - entertaining post about what should be avoided in press releases.


These resources are notified of Tiki news via the Press Releases newsletter:


These resources require manual notification of Tiki news (they use a unique web form instead of email):

Other Communication Tasks

For each release, be sure to update the following items:




Promote Tiki events

Update info

  • Wikipedia pages related to CMS, Wiki .... and Tiki.
  • CMSMatrix page for Tiki
  • WikiMatrix page for Tiki
  • ForumMatrix page for Tiki
  • Youtube: Make a Tiki or TikiWiki profile or Channel on http://www.youtube.com/ and add all relevant videos to a playlist. Current search for TikiWiki gives all kinds of non-relevant content. (RĂ©gis 2012-10-10)

With packaging team

  • Make sure hosts are listing Tiki in their supported apps: MediaTemple, Bluehost, Site5etc
  • Make sure installers like Fantastico are using latest stable version. Please see: 1-click installers
  • Periodically check all Demo sites to make sure they are working and up to the latest version.

Big picture ideas

More ideas (from Rick)

  • We need more Twitter streams. I would like to re-suggest that we convert the RSS feeds from each forum into Tweets for its own account (tikiwiki_features, tikiwiki_i18n, tikiwiki_svn, etc.). The constant stream of tweets into the Twitterverse will help make Tiki appear more "alive."
    Current "official" TW Tweet streams include:
  • Update the two.o registration tracker to include links to all the TW-related signups (Ohloh.net, FB, etc.).
  • We should mirror the tw.o forms with the SourceForge mailing lists (this will help to raise the SF activity rating, too). We could mirror them one way (push all forum posts -> SF mailing list), which is very easy, and simply update the footer of each SF message to include a note that responses should be posted to tw.o forums.
  • Mirror the dev mailing list (and the others, too, but they're very low traffic) to the tw.o forum. There's LOTS of good information there that end-users could benefit from. We could make the forum read-only, with no impact to the existing dev list.

Main sites to manage



See also: Static Code Analysis

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