Running Tiki

Running Tiki

When you decide to use Tiki as your collaboration platform, you have a number options to choose from for running the software. This page will help you find the information you need to select a solution that suits your organization's need.
Note: The Tiki Packaging Team is responsible for creating and maintaining the various installation methods listed here. If you wish to assist or to recommend additional delivery methods, please contact them.

  • Hosted Servers - a shared hosting provider is a good option when you don't want the worry of managing you own hardware or internet presence.
    • Hosting Contributors - Several hosting providers offer the Tiki community a portion of the proceeds they make from hosting Tiki for customers. Check out the list for details and help support Tiki.
    • Hosting providers - A large number of companies offer hosting services that are Tiki-friendly and many offer 1-Click installation programs. This list of Tiki-friendly hosting providers is maintained by the community.
    • Installation programs - When choosing a hosting provider, you may want to look for one that offers simplified setup of your Tiki installation. This list of One-Click installers will help you understand the available options

  • Your Server/PC/Virtual Machine - if your organization owns a server or PC and a suitable internet connection, you can host the software yourself. See the Requirements.

  • Application Platforms - There are a number of Application Platforms that pprovide a managed system to run prepackaged applications including Tiki.

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