November 13 9h -> 21h most important day mostly in English
November 14 9h -> 21h mostly in English
November 15 9h -> 21h mostly in English
November 16 9h -> 21h mostly in English


Offices of CGCOM. Now confirmed.
85, Saint-Paul Street West, suite 240
Montréal, Québec H2Y 3V4

Convenor: Marc Laporte 514 995 6272

Table of contents


Please Self Organize edit sub-events and sessions and ideas into one of these group pages. Everything happens at CGCOM unless stated otherwise.



Table of contents

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    We Need

    • mattresses for the TikiHouse

    We have

    • A projector at CGCOM
    • Nelson will bring a second projector
    • A TikiHouse (Thanks Pascal!)
      • Marc will supply WiMax for Internet Access


    TikiFestMontrealNov2008 Marketing Group - Vision, marketing and promotion of tikiwiki.
    TikiFestMontrealNov2008 Technical Group - Usability, Wat goes in 3.0, CSS Templates
    TikiFestMontrealNov2008 Beer Group - after hours events and who's playing hookey

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    Some pics from luci at Jyhem's site
    Pics of attendees at Jyhem's site
    Regis' spinning iPhone
    luci's Facebook Album (updated - added descriptions and more pics)
    chibaguy's TikiFest photos (zukakakina.com)
    A few video clips by chibaguy

    Video from the TikiFest

    Matthew (MatWho) and Pauline present their views on marketing Tiki - Part 1 of 2
    Pascal & Aurelien present their views on marketing Tiki
    Matthew (MatWho) and Pauline present their views on marketing Tiki - Part 2 of 2
    Luci describes his work on the CSS in TikiWiki - Benefits of *lite CSS based layout
    Better quality presentation of the Matthew's (MatWho) TikiWiki Marketing TikiFest Montreal Nov 2008

    Presentation files from the TikiFest

    Matthew and Pauline's presentation
    Luci's presentation - Benefits of *lite CSS based layout
    Pascal and Aurelien presentation - Unleash TikiWiki

    Results of the Marketing Vision/Mission Brainstorm

    The results of brainstorming and grouping Tiki Vision 2012
    The Ease/Effect matrix with volunteers to coordinate added Vision 2012 objectives



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