Vision 2012 objectives

As part of the Tiki Vision 2012 ideas were consolidated to this list of objectives.

We hope that each of these objectives will find a volunteer to coordinate activity to achieve this objective. Please add your name if you are interested.

Objective Matrix

Easy/Low Effect

Medium/Low Effect

Organize Training

Hard/Low Effect

Easy/Middle Effect

Medium/Middle Effect

Monitor compatibility
Implement patch system
Establish distribution strategy
Implement import/export
Define community structure Kerrnel22

Hard/Middle Effect

Pursue leadership position Kerrnel22

Easy/Low Effect

Support Hosting
Communicate Internally
Make foundation Pascal St-Jean
Usability survey
Adopt popular themes chibaguy
Write docs mlpvolt
Design brand website, logo matwho

Medium/Middle Effect

Write guides
Draft mission/mission Kerrnel22
Profile/template store chibaguy but help needed
Write books mlpvolt(asking authors to contribute)
Showcase usability demo, videos
Define target users Sid
Improve set-up
Keep up community spirit
Build a community of builders
Promote the wiki way
Motivate people to support and represent Tikiwiki
Provide support
Track and demonstrate usage

Hard/High Effect

Define ecosystem Pascal St-Jean
Establish PR Strategy AurÃlien
Encourage Quality Code
Attract the right mix of contributors
Define how community decisions are made Kerrnel22

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