Perhaps this page should merge with TwoRevamp and twoRevamp? Or there should be a general Revamp page which applies to all, and with sections and even perhaps separate pages which apply to certain sub-domains.


  • Add a link Register on register unless user is logged in. with a tootip Register an account on, the accounts are usable instantly on many * domains, with the same login and password.
  • Cleanup up use of Google Analytics, by using plugin

Should be in general guidelines

  • Use wiki page includes to avoid duplication. A good example: Team
  • Use page aliases to avoid duplication/redirects
  • No WikiWords
  • Tiki Manual of Style should be made more generic (not just for docs) and applied to all sites.
  • don't delete pages, put them to the archive category (comes good for performance dogfooding)

Short term

  • Should a "Chat" link be at the top?
  • Harmonize copyright notice in footer
  • Perhaps info intro page should have more the use cases than the features?
  • Tiki Feature Checklist should have more.
  • Menu is chopping "Tiki Software Community Association" to "Tiki Software Commun"
  • Why is {toc} making an error on Help?
  • Get rid of all the redirects and replace by aliases


  • Merge news on info & community (and have rewrite rules and not loose hit stats) but Where?
  • Tweak the search template to search the same term on other sites or Google Site Search (/home/infotw/infotwo-tiki2/templates/styles/info_tw_org/tiki-searchindex.tpl)
  • See with ricks99 about any goodies at /home/infotw/infotwo-tiki2/templates/styles/info_tw_org/*.tpl

Long Term

To be classified

    • Make a common footer for all sites
      • (The CSS for the nice footer is already in strasa.css, from Patrick's original design. I'll implement it. - Gary)
    • Same 6 sites, but with 3-7 most important links within
    • Links to other sites (,, etc.)
    • Perhaps Social Networking and Partners (Zend, SourceForgeLogo, etc)
  • Rewrite Rules inconsistency
  • Harmonize the list pages on all 6 sites
  • Remove IP in view history from all except editors
  • found some nice social bookmark icons at Iconspedia, the license says it is "free", but maybe someone who speaks french could check it at the author's site

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