Ways to Get Help

The recommended help process, below

a) Improves our documentation for the next person.
b) Avoids bogging down active developers with too many support questions (so they can focus on making Tiki even better).
c) Supports active members by hiring one of our Tiki Consultants. They are working hard to make Tiki better, and all benefit from it.
d) And as you learn, the best way to contribute to others getting help is by helping!

We appreciate your cooperation to make Tiki even more excellent! - The Community

Get Help with Tiki

Try the items on this list in order.

  1. Go to doc.tiki.org - the documentation site, and search for the pages describing the feature where you have some problem, to see if the documentation describes how to use that feature and how your problem can be solved/avoided.
  2. Go to the page http://dev.tiki.org/Install#Tracker_items to see if an item concerning your topic exists.
  3. Use the Search+Bugs to see if an item concerning your topic exists.
  4. View the FAQs and Troubleshooting pages to see if something matches your problem.
  5. Log in (register with tiki.org if you haven't already done so) and . . .
    1. Find the most appropriate existing page in doc.tiki.org and take note of its URL.
    2. Ask any questions you have on the appropriate tiki.org forum, adding the URL of the page where you expected to find the information.
    3. Watch that page at doc.t.o or a related item in http://dev.tiki.org/tracker5 for answers to your questions, (they often will be in the form of links).
    4. Pat yourself on the back. The next person who comes along will only need to go to step 2.
  6. If after a few days nothing is happening:
    1. Search also http://tiki.org for content.
    2. Search the Tiki user forums for content.
    3. Get on the Tiki IRC channel, or Tiki user or developer mailing lists and ask your question there.
    4. Attend one of our Tiki Online Open Hours sessions that are held three Thursdays per month.

Consider Hiring a Consultant

Although you do not have to pay anything to anyone to get help from the Tiki Community and use Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, you may choose to hire a Tiki Service Provider (Consultant) for help with installation, customizing, training, hosting, or anything else Tiki-related.

This consultants list is provided to help match Tiki consultants with users who wish to purchase support. By working with these consultants, clients are helping to grow the Tiki Community.

If you want to find a freelance person who can help, lookup someone on our Consultants page.

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