As always, Tiki releases involve a massive number of changes from one version to the next. Thank you to all the developers, testers, translators and documentation writers.

1.8.6 -Polaris- -> 94 commits since 1.8.5, 7 months ago.
1.9.1 -Sirius- -> 685 commits since 1.9.0, 4 months ago.

1.8.6 -Polaris- is considered very stable/mature. No new features are added. Only bug and security fixes. The 1.8.6 involves no database change compared to 1.8.5 so upgrade should be painless. Please see ReleaseNotes186.

1.9.1 -Sirius- is considered stable/testing. 1.9.1 includes a lot of new stuff and a lot of bugfixes. Please see ReleaseNotes191

Thanks, you all the people that helped in the release process, and in particular the interactive release support on irc that involved mose, marc, amette, toggg, sylvie, redflo and all others.

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