New features include a self-documented REST API, new console commands, a major change/improvement in date handling, support for the Interledger Protocol (ILP) payment network, and new modules including one that displays the current activity of website users. For a complete list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes see the Tiki 24.x documentation page.

Tiki 24 requires PHP 7.4 like Tiki23 and Tiki22. PHP 8.x is not supported yet.

Many thanks to:

  • New developers Alvin Bauma, Boss Ibrahim, Elvis Kapepula, Emmanuel Masikilizano, Eutyche Odimba, Henock Tshibanda, Jean-Paul Hamuli, Joel Deo, John Chishugi, John Clausel, John Ndiwayesu, Josue Zirimwabagabo, Marcellin Wabo, Nasser Ngandu, Nat Okpe, Rodrigue Mushid, Rodriguez Nyiringabo, Vianney Rwicha, Yan Lupundu for their code contributions so far and in the future.
  • Adrien Mbuya Maloba for providing new-developer guidance and coordination
  • Bernard and luci for communicating with junior developers and processing merge requests, and our more experienced devs for their help.
  • And Marc and EvoluData for sponsoring the new developer program that benefits both the junior developers and the Tiki project.

Thanks, too, to Roberto Kirschbaum for coordinating the release, and to all of the coders for the great new features, fixes, and updates, as well as to the Tiki admins and users who submitted bug reports and gave feedback.