The new and upgraded features resulted from work by many developers involved in all aspects of the Tiki software.

Content creation in Tiki is revamped in this release with a new WYSIWYG editor based on ToastUI, and Markdown.

The WYSIWYG and Markdown effort has been a massive endeavor and external funding was required to make it happen. Three sponsors stepped up — a special thank you to Moba Group, EvoluData, and a third sponsoring organization that wishes to remain anonymous.

Along with these major changes in content creation are new modules and wiki plugins such as the Pagetop Hero module for easy page-top feature images with overlaid text and PluginAccordion, to make accordion-type hide/show content displays as easily as making a set of tabs (super simple in Tiki).

Site interactivity and promotion received a boost as Mautic marketing automation is now available in Tiki as an enhancement of site interactivity and promotion tools, in addition to enhanced webhooks.

New data management and processing features include an upgraded implementation of machine learning and natural language generation. Manticore search has been added, to supercharge standard search functions and replace previously used external search platforms.

In another data management feature, Tiki's file galleries now support direct mapping, so their files can be located anywhere.

Newly added collaboration and communication tools include kanban boards and federated timesheets.

Again, thanks go out to nlnet for sponsoring the development to bring federated timesheets to Tiki.

New webmail enhancements include email bounce handling, detection of emails from disposable accounts, and new email filters. There are also new related tracker field properties.

Regarding new developments in Tiki website presentation and navigation, first is the upgrade from Bootstrap 4 to 5.2. This includes significant improvements in WCAG web accessibility standards compliance. Other new additions include Anime.js, an icon picker, print enhancements, Tablesorter exports, a page name (URL) suffix cleaner, and media queries via a GUI. Vue.js continues to evolve in Tiki, and this release also brings new themes along with the introduction of Tiki-specific CSS variables for easier site customization by admins.

Site security, integrity and ease of maintenance are always a top priority, and new features in this release include database connection encryption, ODBC support, and HTTP headers security. Tiki Manager enhancement continues, as Tiki Manager is now available as a package.

Finally, for Tiki developers, Gitpod support and GlitchTip error logging have been added in this version.

As usual in the Tiki development and release process, Tiki25 was tested on,, and before the official 25.0 release.

Thanks to all who contributed their time and efforts to Tiki 25.