Wiki CMS

The power of Tiki is the smart interaction of its components in an all-in-one-model
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—Web pages edited like a wiki but with any layout and style . . .

Create pages freely

Full control over wiki/web page appearance

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  • Display the content you want

    Native plugins for media

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  • Bootstrap underlies layout

    Easily create and use custom

    Combined with Tiki Trackers© data input, management, and display functions

    Dozens of field types

    45 Tracker field types to handle website content, functions, and
    form interface

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  • Pages host data input/output

    Easily use a wiki page for a form
    or output template

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  • Plug data into a wiki page

    Versatile native plugins for
    many display modes

    Along with a full set of standard CMS features

    For all types of files

    Full-featured file galleries

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  • For news and announcements

    Full-featured article publishing functions

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  • Legacy web communicator

    Industry-standard blog

    And new technology such as Vue.js, Rubix ML, and Web Monetization

    Combining old and new

    Increasing use of Vue.js for components

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  • Rubix ML

    A high-level machine learning and deep learning library

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  • Web Monetization

    Receive payments from website visitors.


    • New Tiki Users and Admins!
    • Current Users and Admins!
    • System Administrators!
    • Developers and Coders!
    • Graphic, UI, and UX Designers!
    • i18n Specialists and Translators!
    • Website Companies and Consultants!
    • Enterprise Consultation Firms!
    • Partnering Associations, Organizations, and Projects!
    • Software Listings and Marketplaces!
    • Software Evaluators!
    • Philanthropic and Charitable Organizations!

    The Tiki Community

    This is what we call the people who make Tiki and use it, who support it and promote it. And around that community are people who may provide support for, list, describe, evaluate, or join in cooperation with Tiki.

    Get and Use Tiki

    Installing, configuring, and maintaining Tiki

    New Users/Admins

    Current Users/Admins

    System Administrators

    Create Tiki

    Developing and contributing to the project


    Graphic/UI/UX Designers


    Grow with Tiki

    Providing services around Tiki

    Website Companies and Consultants

    Enterprise Consultation Firms

    Partnering Associations, Organizations, Projects

    Know Tiki

    Evaluating Tiki for recommendation or possible use

    Software Listings and Marketplaces

    Software Evaluators

    Philanthropic and Charitable Organizations

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    Our Mission

    The mission of the Tiki Software Community Association is to foster the development of the Open Source software, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, and to promote the free use of this software by all who can benefit....

    Tiki Project Introduction
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