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Tiki is an Open Source software project managed by the Tiki Software Community Association, a nonprofit organization registered in Ontario, Canada. We would appreciate any appropriate consideration by philanthropic and charity organizations, toward achieving common aims.

Open Source software is itself a form of philanthropy (https://ssir.org/articles/entry/open_source_software_is_philanthropy), and the motivation of the Tiki Software Community Association is to create digital tools for society. At the project's founding in 2003, these goals were stated:

  • Be a powerful, leading, complete, user-friendly, stable and secure full-featured open source web application, which includes (but is not limited to) cms & groupware features.
  • Have a fun & friendly community where people can easily contribute to & enhance Tiki.
  • World domination.

Obviously (it is assumed), the third goal wasn't a serious suggestion, but it does reflect the founders' desire to create software to make an impact. The TSCA mission statement states our mandate to "promote the free use of this software by all who can benefit, particularly individuals, groups, and organizations for whom online collaboration will strengthen their communities and facilitate achieving their goals together".

With this history and motivation, we extend an invitation to all philanthropic, charitable, and non-profit organizations (NPOs/NGOs) to contact us regarding the possibilities of working together in one or more of the following possible ways:

  • If you have a small project or need for a relatively simple website for online collaboration, we are open to the possibility of extending pro bono assistance.
  • If appropriate, individual consultants are available for funded assistance.
  • If your organization is larger or has more complex requirements for a web platform and a budget to fund it, enterprise support is available to provide an appropriate solution.

Please contact us in regard to any of the above.

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