The Dogfood Team ensures that all * sites are configured and working well, according to the software engineering principle of "Eating your own dog food". Team leaders: luciash d' being 🧙 and Roberto Kirschbaum

Release responsibilities

  1. Determine an upgrade calendar for all relevant domains, from less risky to most risky. Order is Branding, Themes, Documentation, Community (, Development, Profiles. It's the ultimate DogFood and the goal is that all major sites are upgraded before it's released.
  2. In collaboration with the Infrastructure Team, proceed to these upgrades and ensure everything is still working fine.
  3. After the upgrade, implement new features on * to help test and make the community more open efficient and welcoming
    • In the weeks and months before an upgrade, this can be tested daily thanks to the Pre-Dogfood Server
    • Update Dogfood with any new features used. This serves as a case study.
  4. Review Tiki Welcome, as all new registrants are sent to it after validating their email link.

Tasks (do an cross out)

Make it easy to register

  • We want a bigger button somewhere
  • UI issue: Provoke error "Password must be different from the user login." and you loose capcha , some fields like Country, and you get "You do not have permission to insert an item"
  • Tiki Welcome merge with Custom registration message (templates/mail/user_validation_mail.tpl)

Make sure people can get in touch with the right people



Project Enhance User Tracker

  • Implement Serious Dogfooding of a user tracker to gather information about our community and update the nice Community Worldmap
  • It would be nice to be able to build the community and determine why new users register at t.o. Maybe we can include a user tracker (post registration, perhaps as part of the Welcome page to collect/analyze:
    • Why are they registering for a Tiki account?
      • Prompted after installation?
      • Want to have access to forums?
      • Want to become a committer?
      • etc.
    • What do they expect from the community?
      • Support?
      • Involvement in active community?
      • The chance to "shine"?
    • What can they give to the community?
      • Coding -> Development

      There are lots of ways to contribute other than coding:
      • Layout/design -> Themes
      • Marketing/PR
      • Legal
      • Doc/support


Maintain Tiki instances

Maintain Other tools

  • Freenode #tikiwiki (update topic, make sure web interface is working, interact with freenode, make use of IRC bots, make sure has logs and is functional, etc.)
  • and interactions with community
    • Make sure site is up and that useless recordings are deleted from the list (just install a Tiki10 to connect to BBB to do this)
  • Management of Mailing Lists (ex.: bounces, errors) and adding/maintaining forum to mailing lists integration
  • Clipperz accounts
  • Mail server
    • To manage accounts, contact Marc Laporte in private
    • For technical issues about the software: Frank Guthausen