Video Authoring Team

The Video Authoring Team involves everything to do with videos in Tiki, e.g. interviews, how-to instructional videos, etc..

Release responsibilities


  • Confirm that video resources management pages/trackers (coming soon™) are updated and current-version compatible.
  • Handle any problems with listed videos becoming out of date
    • Revise video if possible, especially for most-needed videos.
    • Mark as out of date/archived if not.

Video Authoring Team Reboot

Renewed interest in producing how-to videos for Tiki has led to a reboot of this team and update of the information on this page. There is demand from users for new instructional videos. Making these videos helps users directly by supplementing the documentation at doc.tiki.org, and indirectly increases awareness of and enhances the perception of Tiki. The main focus at this time is how-to videos, aka screencasts or video tutorials. Other types of videos such as interviews and TikiFest reports or streams are also very welcome and will be included in the video resources organized by this team.

Discussion points from the March 15, 2018 Roundtable meeting

(See recording here - video reboot discussion starts at 22:45)

  • New how-to videos will be good directly to help users, and indirectly to create more awareness of Tiki. Bilal Siddiq has the idea of building publicity for Tiki around the campaign of/for new videos.
  • It could be good to have "official" Tiki channel videos, that use some uniform templates, icons, etc. and meet some quality criteria. But it might be hard for authors to agree on design details, etc.
  • It takes a lot of time to make a video, and there is some concern about how people can afford to do it as volunteer efforts.
    • Is it possible to find sponsors for videos?
  • Since jcapture was removed from Tiki, there's no built-in way to make screencaptures. Is there any HTML5 equivalent?
  • Does YouTube have an API for screencaptures and upload?
  • Do we still have Kaltura access credentials? No one knew at the meeting but the feeling seemed to be we don't need to use Kaltura anymore.
  • it was confirmed that tv.tiki.org is to be closed and information transferred to tiki.org. Older documentation mentioned using a perspective for video info but this may be overkill.
  • Videos could be called something like "official" or "authorized" if they meet a certain standard for quality, relevance, information accuracy, etc. Production details like a fancy intro or music background aren't necessary as the important thing is good information.
  • There's a Tikiwikicms Youtube channel, but the access info needs to be confirmed.
  • Just brainstorming: there could be a contest.
  • The importance of video as a communications medium was emphasized.

Potential built-in way to make screen capture

FilmorascrnMP4 (H.264/HEVC), MOV, GIF, MP3
Capture FoxMotionJPEG or Xvid in AVI
CamStudioAVI, SWF
OBS StudioLibAVFormat
Record My DesktopOgg
XVidCapMPEG, FFMPEG's* LibAVFormat

Doc.tiki.org Video Resources tracker and pages

There is now a tracker at the doc site (https://doc.tiki.org/tracker20) where information about how-to videos can be submitted. Each video then gets its own page (using https://doc.tiki.org/Video_information_tpl as a template). So far there's just a test entry (https://doc.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=393&show=mod) whose wiki page is https://doc.tiki.org/Test-video. Suggestions are welcome about changing/adding fields in the tracker, etc. So far, the wiki template hasn't been styled; the video's wiki page is just displaying the information as it comes from the tracker.

The next steps are to make a structure for these video wiki pages and to make a video information submission form page. In the meantime, items can be submitted directly at the tracker.

Earlier thinking + new thoughts

Tiki video channel objectives

  • Promote a meta video about posting videos on the channel
  • Promote Tiki community to attract new developers and users
  • Share tutorials
  • Share internal community interviews
  • Share guess speakers interviews
  • Share use cases
  • Share webinar recordings
  • Share private videos
  • Make HTML5 videos & open standards the default in Tiki the software and in use on *.tiki.org done

Those objectives could become channel themes.


(Whatever platform is used, it would be good to have a community repository for archive copies of videos. Blip.tv is now gone, and Tiki's Ustream videos are no longer available, etc. Or upload videos to several free platforms just to be safe(?). )

Kaltura.com hosting

[The consensus at the March 2018 Roundtable meeting seemed to be that Kaltura's services for open source projects perhaps hadn't evolved much from before, so there wasn't much enthusiasm to pursue using Kaltura particularly for Tiki project videos. Of course to the extent that Kaltura is useful for Tiki website users in general, that should continue to be supported, but that isn't the focus of the efforts here. (Videos on TikiFest2012-NewYork-Kaltura aren't currently displaying, by the way.)]

YouTube Channel

  • Attract new users/devs via YouTube community and Google searches
  • Free storage (what are the limits?)
  • Free bandwidth
  • No maintenance
  • Embedding options

  • Not compatible with trackers (details?)
  • Less control of our videos
  • Cost for more options
  • Users embedding videos will have their metadata and may be data tracked
  • Ads

Vimeo Channel


  • Less control of our videos
  • Cost for more options
  • Users embedding videos will have their metadata and may be data tracked

Transform tv.tiki.org into a perspective of tiki.org

Regardless of where the videos are served from, what matters is the amount of space the CDN uses. Tiki needs a tool that calculates video weight. A video size calculator would allow admins to decide whether a video a user wants to can be stored or not.

  • Good dogfood for a video-centric site
  • Good dogfood for perspectives
  • Nice to have a portal for all videos

  • Work to maintain, but should be fairly painless once the infrastructure parts (tracker, templates, pages) are set up.


  • What video channel(s) should we choose?
  • Do we control video quality before sharing them on future official Tiki channels?
  • Do we propose video standards for video producers?
  • Do we invest in pro video accounts on YouTube and/or Vimeo to get more options (customization, more storage, more HD videos, more bandwidth, etc.)?
  • If there is a purpose to maintain various platforms, could we develop a script to automatically update each site?
  • Who has admin access to the Vimeo account? What is the current login info for the Youtube account?
  • How do we handle copyright? (We would suggest that all content shared publicly should be under CC and each producer is responsible of its own content.)
  • Should we consider Ustream, etc.? Or could we make a link between BBB and our channels?

Next steps

  • Work out details for organizing video information (such as, create a tracker and pages for submitting and listing videos).
  • Publicize video documentation project (that is, that we want to encourage people to make videos).
  • Decide on criteria for "authorized/registered" videos.

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