Introduction should be revamped to be more attractive, organized and informative, this seems to be a general feeling for most community members.
This page is opened to help to reach this goal.

For historial perspective, see InfoTikiWikiOrgDev, TwoRevamp, TwoRevamp, doctwo Revamp and Revamp

See also Where things should go.

People interested

  • Torsten
  • gezza
  • vania
  • Daniel
  • chibaguy (Gary Cunningham-Lee)
  • ricks99
  • add yourself to the list

Demo site

First we need a playground. As discussed, it should be on and it should be linked to trunk for now.

I (ricks99) thinks it should be linked to LTS — not trunk. IMHO, we need a live, high-traffic site running LTS for dogfooding. All the other * sites are already running Trunk.


- First we focus on, the landing site of Tiki. The goal is to have a modern looking, friendly and informative page that grabs the visitors' attention. This site remains separated from the rest of the tiki community sites.
Link: not yet

- Next focus is on consolidating smaller subsites as workspaces into the community site with a fresh look.

Maybe we should first list the advantages/disadvantages of consolidating the subsites (subdomains) into the community site, even if this is just a formality. And then, as we dogfood, document how it is done, as a model for other users' sites. (:Gary)

Link: not yet

- Final step is to migrate doc, dev and community to the consolidated community site.

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