Tiki is a collaborative Open Source project and everyone is invited to join in TikiFest Virtual 2020.


Tiki Profiles

Tiki is a very easy tool to use out of the box, to set up a powerful website with basic functionalities. As the new administrator discovers options and advanced features, a new world is revealed of nearly endless possibilities that certainly require more knowledge and configuration efforts. To help new (and not so new ?) admins, the Tiki Community created Profiles, a feature to apply a set of instructions and options to configure the Tiki web site to have new features large and small or for various scenarios like Company Intranet, Barter Market, Shopping Cart, Custom Contact Form, Bootstrap Grid, Hide Fixed Top Nav Bar on Scroll, Post-it Sticky Notes, etc.

However, as Tiki has been vastly improved over the last several years, with the code rapidly advancing and being extended, the ease of use of Profiles and their maintenance haven't kept up, and so, at the upcoming TikiFest, we will come together to improve, clean up, revamp or replace the feature (among other activities).