A global TikiFest during the pandemic travel restrictions

1.1. Introduction


1.2. Where

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1.3. Scheduling Topics

1.3.1. Saturday, June 13th Profiles

  • Discuss TikiProfilesTester on r.tiki.org vs Tiki Instance Tester in php (Tiki Manager).
  • Train others on how to create a profile

  • fix show2.t.o with names with special characters. Fixed by Jyhem and Jonny Other discussions

  • Discussion: System trackers?
    • They will come down the road (Marc)
    • On Marc-Victor's plate (according to Marc)
  • Restore Quick Administration module in default Tiki creation
    Just with the "Quick Administration" part, not the "Recent Preferences" part (display=shortcuts).
    We have experimented life without it as default and it's not an improvement.

→ No consensus :-( As a workaround, all features profiles now include Quick admin bar which includes "Quick Administration"

1.3.2. Sunday, June 14th


Topics cancelled:

Some general issues found:

  1. menus became bootstrap menus, therefore links in 1st level names are not clickable anymore, and need to be cloned as a 2nd level menu entry (or some other solution)
  2. no need to have modules in both columns, since the layout of the site has fixed width, and in common screens that makes central column too narrow
    • suggestion: move all side modules to just one side. Left-hand-side? Right-hand-side? (I don't mind which, I would suggest to just one of them)
    • at left-hand-side (suggested by jyhem)
  3. Show-case different bundled themes? re-use the previous ones set in 12.x or do we show some others by default with those featured profiles?
  4. quick admin module (or quick admin bar) should we enabled by default. Either in brand new tikis since 21.x (prefered option imho and according to discussion held yesterday in the meeting), or by means of adding that module in the profiles (less preffered option, imho).
    • Admin bar: We decided to add it in trunk for new tiki versions. And sugegstions were to discuss in devel list about backporting it to 21.x at some point in the future.
  5. Using FLUIDGRID instead of DIV grids
    • The wiki edithelp doesn't actually help to create the grid IIRC; I believe the syntax needs to be input or copy/pasted into the wiki edit textarea, so this should be fixed/improved.

Suggestion of features enabled by default in all of them:

  1. syntax highlight: "Off but switchable" (because there is very annoying bug in mobile devices, but it's wat very handy in computers to distinguish syntax visually)

Proposals of new catgories in profiles.t.o to arrange/filter profiles:

  • "Out of the box" solutions
    • Candidates?:
  • "Enhance your existing Tiki" solutions
    Profiles that add something without danger for existing data (top banner, hidden menu, etc)
    Profiles that sound like they can be candidates (not all have been tested, help to improve). Note that I couldn’t find a complete and easy to read list of profile at prifiles.t.o

** Candidates:

      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Activity_Stream
      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Bootstrap+Row+and+Col+Plugin+Aliases
      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Hide+Fixed+Top+Nav+Bar+on+Scroll+19
      • http://profiles.tiki.org/JonnyBs_Luxury_Tiki_Setup
      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Voting_System
      • ...
      • (where are all the small profiles done by Luci ?)

Proposals of new profiles:

  • "Articles advanced" (or with a better name): using plugin list and trackers, etc. Jonny suggested and offered to work on it in a month or so from now
    Bernard is willing to take risks ? and offered to use his own Articles (https://www.bsfez.com/articles - quite simple) as playground and test area.

Proposals of deleting profiles:

      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Mobile
        Bootstrap 4 is doing mobile just fine
      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Debug_Mode_Disabled
        What is that for ?
      • http://profiles.tiki.org/Debug_Mode_Enabled
        What is that for ? Discuss roadmap to have RTC back working in Tiki - PluginTogether or others

  • Rescue (please!) the PluginTogether to help us (the Tiki community during Tikifests and other events) write documents collaboratively in real time
    • Broken due to missing FLOSS server side part installed elsewhere. See bug report and comments in there:

      Victor Emanouilov 13 Apr 20 12:46 GMT-0000

      Unfortunately, we depend here on hub.togetherjs.com as the standard togetherjs package is using mozilla-hosted hub server. This server seems to be down now (not sure how long but it seems at least a couple of weeks). See here https://togetherjs.com/docs/#hosting-the-hub-server for more info on how to host the hub server yourself. I see 3 possible ways to go ordered by easiest to hardest to implement.

      1. Contact togetherjs team via irc or email and see what are their plans on supporting hub.togetherjs.com.

      2. Host the server yourself somewhere where you host Tiki. It is a quite simple nodejs app that needs to be run and proxy'ed by an http server. If you choose this option, I can add a togetherjs option to provide the URL to the hosted hub server inside the wiki plugin.

      3. Host the hub inside Tiki. Since we can't rely on a nodejs app in Tiki due to complex deployment issues we will hit, there is an option to rewrite the hub server in PHP and provide it as part of Tiki codebase. This will require some moderate programming effort to rewrite the nodejs app with proper PHP libs in plain PHP. This will be the cleanest solution for the long-term but require most effort now. Endangered Features

We didn't have time to discuss (nor work on) this:

1.3.3. Monday, June 15th VueJs

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How to get there, etc.


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  • Stay at home!


Because this Tiki Fest is not a physical event and the Corona Pandemic makes it impossible for Tiki Users to meet, how about a Demo Day where Tiki'ers can show what they've done and do with Tiki?

Demo Day

  • Show what you do factually with your org. Which problem your solving
  • Perhaps you've upgraded to the latest version of Tiki or you wish to demonstrate what your doing with your Tiki version... even if it is not up to date.


Let's say your using a not so recent version of Tiki or that it has long time come to the end of it's service life, the demo day can also allow users to present their Use Cases

  • Any ideas?