A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki contributors (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity, usually, to socialize over drinks, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff :-)

The main topic of this event is to improve both Tiki, BigBlueButton and the interaction between the two. ))BigBlueButton(( is an open source real-time collaboration tool. (Audio/Video/Screensharing/Chat), which is built upon several open source components and with a focus on distance education.

Tiki5 offers a built-in integration with ))BigBlueButton((. You can try it out now at: http://live.tikiwiki.org/


August 15-16-17-18, 2010 (Official Dates)

We recently got the good news that Tiki has been offered a presentation slot during the SummerCamp Open Source Conference which will be held in Ottawa on August 14th . In order to maximize the synergies of both events, we have moved up the TikiFest by a week.

We hope this does not affect anyones schedules and we can't wait to see everyone live and online for this exciting week in August.



On site

  • Sunday and Wednesday
  • Monday and Tuesday
    • A private residence in Ottawa. Call 1-877-Wiki-Web or 613-266-0517 to get the address.



  • Pascal St-Jean
  • Marc Laporte
  • Daniel Gauthier
  • Nelson Ko
  • Cyril Gallant
  • Philippe Cloutier
  • Rodrigo Primo
  • Etienne Lachance
  • Alain Désilets
  • You?


  • Xavi
  • Jonny B
  • Youcef Bey
  • Gary (chibaguy)
  • geoff (eromneg)
  • olaf-michael (omstefanov) - 17 and perhaps 18 Aug only


This will be the first event where the focus will be on remote participants. Let's have a lot of people and push the limits of the system!

Wine and Cheese

On Wednesday August 18th at 6PM, the Tiki and BigBlueButton community wish to invite web development companies, systems integrators, designers, developers and open source enthusiasts at The Code Factory for a wine and cheese networking event.

Come learn how Tiki and BigBlueButton are leading the way in the online world of Collaboration and Communication and meet some of the developers that work on these great products.

Dogfood BBB for Remote Participation To Community Events


Migrate live.tikiwiki.org to new server

evo.cat.io will offer hosting

Integrating BigBlueButton in other systems

If you are interested in integrating BBB in other systems, please do show up. Many BBB developers will be present as well. Also, if your project is in PHP, you can re-use Tiki code (licensed LGPL so include-able in other apps)


Tiki Suite discussion

Please see: Suite

Various i18n topics

Not related to BBB but since we are in Ottawa and we have key people available. We'll hold live meeting on live.tikiwiki.org, at August 17th, 2010 : 9AM Ottawa time

Collaborative Multilingual Glossary

Follow-up on: http://profiles.tikiwiki.org/Collaborative_Multilingual_Terminology

Translation server




5.x translations vs trunk translations

Where do people share translations (stable branch? trunk?) (historically unresolved issue) -> Translation branching strategy

PO & gettext

Any opportunites for us?

Some work was done years ago which enabled to translate Tiki using standard PO tools:

Tiki Software Community Association

  • Pascal, Marc & Nelson have some paperwork to attend to.

Automated testing for Tiki


Cheap Ottawa hostelling on Google Maps


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
(by Virtual EyeSee via Flickr)

Tiki at the Open Source Technology Showcase


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Torsten Fabricius, 09:54 UTC, Wed 19 Feb 2014: Hello everybody, please mind the ((TikiFestSysadmin2014)) in August. Mainly meant for the Sysadmins, which are located in and near Germany (and France), active community members from Canada are expected to be attending.
luciash d' being, 12:28 UTC, Wed 01 Jan 2014: Happy New Year ! :-)
luciash d' being, 14:00 UTC, Sun 27 Oct 2013: @ricks99: there is a regression bug in Tiki resetting the avatars to the default one imho
Rick, 16:56 UTC, Wed 31 Jul 2013: What happened to the avatars?
Jonny Bradley, 12:44 UTC, Wed 10 Apr 2013: Biggest TikiFest in ages starts tomorrow [Link]