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Hello Tiki.org World of developers. If you aspire to become a Video Content Creator, your at the right place. Here are some of the best admins you can find in the world of Wiki Groupware.

Bernard Sfez a Tiki Consultant from Israel

He owns and operates an agency offering web based solutions. He first heard about Tiki in 2001 when he was involved in a multilingual project. Since then, he is a regular contributor and well valued member of the Tiki community.

Bernard's web site services is based on partnership and a tight collaboration with his friends and clients. This include ongoing consultancy, technical support and training at all stage of a project.

The sense of community that Bernard shows towards the field of online collaboration is special and unique. He is helping the Tiki community with dediction and care. Thank you Bernard - Daniel.

On the tv.tiki.org side

Welcome to the Tiki.org's world of video via this link

On my YouTube side

Follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JrB2iBEnY7Q

Steve Cichosz

Steve Cichosz from Tech Advocates uses Tiki since 2004. He talks to us about the benefits of using the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.
Steve is a 30 year veteran of the technology industry and the founder of Technology Advocates, a company established to help the average person navigate the Internet Superhighway. Steve started working with large scale computers back when punchcards were the norm. Throughout the years, Steve has consulted internationally with major corporations, worked in startups, and been employed by the Fortune 500 companies.

Jean-Marc Libs

In , Tiki community member Jean-Marc Libs (aka Jyhem ) speaks about the benefits of using the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. In an interview originally recorded in Ottawa in 2012 (in French), Jean-Marc explains one of TIki's greatest strengths: tight integration among its features. Jean-Marc is a senior contributor to the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, dedicating several hours each day to programming and development, as well as general administration of the Tiki Community and infrastructure. Jean-Marc lives in Strasbourg, France and founded the alsawiki.com company, which specializes in open-source software and Tiki deployments.

This video, fabricated by me as I am a film producer and entrepreneur and Tiki Community member since 2009). In fact this clip has that one thing different: It's in French.

In addition, the clip is in French. Tks to Jean-Marc's cleverness to come forward and say, when we were all together at the Ottawa Tikifest: Let's do the interview in french!

This is why I say about Jean-Marc in the press release:

The dedication that Jean-Marc shows towards the Tiki, and the FLOSS philosophy in general, is rare and precious. I hope to produce more videos that highlight other members and their contributions.

Then let's not forget...

Kaltura's in visible integrated video CDN

Thank you to Kaltura for their continued integration support with Tiki and their repository services.


Zohar Babin and Michael Dale's presentation on FLOSS Weekly



Here are sites I worked on

Sand Boxes

My passion

I'm passionate about video, radio and the web. As technology is evolving, so do I. As the web evolves, so is the relationship between all media is fading. One concept that I'm working with these days is Nonlinear narrative story telling. On this subject, please refer to the Advanced Content Publishing page and the search for the Online Publishing House group. I've worked in the film industry years ago. This is why my heart belongs to this field. I specialize in the following areas:

  • Pre-production including script writing, planning shoots and proof-reading;
  • Production of video and photography; and
  • Post-production including editing, distribution

for both for the brick and mortar and virtual world.

    • Menu building processes. When creating a video clip, one has to have a menu to begin with. Strangely enough, it is at the end that one constructs the menu system for a video clip. With the making of a menu system for your video clip, think about how it will be structure at the beginning and keep in mind that online video clip production is Nonlinear.

Although, I'm recognized as an eternal newbie in this community, I'm becoming very much acquainted with Tiki and using it daily.

When it comes down to video editing I'm proficient with FCP and Premiere by Adobe.
When it comes down to script writing, I'm in my element. Therefore, documentation is always of interest to me although I'm mostly doing video prods.

The most active project I'm working on here at Tiki is the Video clip project where Open Source tools are being used and developed to communicate and promote Tiki as a good and solid infrastructure solution.

Tiki as a CDN

Tiki is used to document the video clips I've started to produce. The objective is to build a portal that would be used as a Content Delivery Network. As we all know, robust, yet agile CDN's are not cheap. Specially those CDN who manage complexity. Tiki as it all. We just need to make it do what we want.

Tiki as a solution

As all video editing 'affectionados' will confirm, doing a good *video montage*, requires time and money resources. Therefore, the crowd sourcing concept of doing online video editing is not only a dream come true with the use of the Kaltura plateform, it is a real possibility. It's been done before, you can view a sample on wikipedia. Yet, as mentioned, it requires resources. Would you be interested to make this video clip project fly higher and faster? If so, join our community and enjoy the ride!

Example of a social media experience

Who said kids are not ready for open communications?

Imagine the power of experiencing such an event

This young girl (the one wearing a hero cap using a "vacation type of camera") bellow is filming with a small digital camera (not to mistake with a professional digital camera) conducts her interview with a movie actor who just learned he won an award.

Tiki is a wiki. Is tiki wiki fast?

Can Tiki CMS Groupware be so easy to use that this girl can conduct her interview and put it out there on the web within an hour?

Tiki as non linear

As technology evolves, so is Tiki. Please keep an eye on Advanced Content Publishing since it is becoming clearer and clearer that once a tiki developer masters the basics about tiki and about video production, tiki can be very handy to create a multi-layer UI whereby many people working on the same project converge toward a unique organic content development. For example, let's say your working on a video clip presentation that is intended to many people coming from many background. The stake holders don't agree. Here is where possible conflict can occur. Roles in the project are:

  • Scriptwriter (specially in situations where the specs are organic) (See this 10 page PDF description of roles in a feature film production)
  • Director
  • DoP
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Distributor
  • and you

Because Tiki allows non linear thinking, even if your crew does not agree, you can go ahead, continue to construct your video clip, whichever role you play in the production.

However, if other members of the production remain in disagreement, bring the discussion back to the end product, what does the audience will get out of the experience. If people still don't agree, ask them:

  • How will it look in the menu system once it's time to burn DVDs?
  • If a viewer wants to see only "my part" will he be able?

Just like in a book creation, when creating your video clip, think non linear. After all, as technology evolves, filmmakers will want to have control of the final product without over powering the others by using status quo and discouraging others to continue to contribute.

Therefore, if you have actors in your film (per example), make sure they understand that you use organic resources to save money and that if they don't agree on what to do next, i.e. what will the menu system on the end product look and read like, the project will not grow and be completed as scheduled (use Project Management and tiki trackers to make your production schedule, your assistant director will love you!). Be prepared to go back to the narrative board to patch stuff!

What has been done so far

Here are the clips that have already been broadcast on the internet using Kaltura technology

  • How to get help with Gary Cunningham Lee (done)
  • BBB with Fred Dixon and Marc Laporte (done)
  • Philippe Cloutier on the translation power of Tiki (done)
  • Jean-Marc Libs: Tiki and how to answer to real client's need (in FR: Tiki et comment répondre au vrai besoin du client) (to do)
  • How to manage complexity with (Louis-Philippe Huberleau (to do)
  • Tiki as an e-commerce solution by Pascal St-Jean (done)
  • The concept of modularity by Marc Laporte (to do)
  • Groups being easily managed by Nelso Ko (to do)
  • International Online publishing by Kirsten (to do)
  • Tiki and JQuerry by Jonny Bradley (to do)
  • What is and what is not Tiki by Marc Laporte (to do)

 Please note
Each person who are quoted here above has it's own raw copy of all that was video taped. Should anyone wish to use it's own video interview to dogfood it and complete the editing, please do so. Remember to respect the *standard format presentation policy*.

My passion, what tickles me is yoga. I teach sometimes and got invited to help the international group in France. I've been practising yoga since age 17.

I'm available to do these things:

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Advisory
  • Script writing
  • Project management
  • Documentation specialist and social media development

I've written RFP's, RFQ's and done some SDLC projects in the past where I got involved in use cases, enough to give clients analysis reports as I have a basic training in Information Technology. I can help you get started with Tiki on the front end side not the back-end.

I can be reached at: daniel - at - satoshi.yoga

Giving instead of selling

I formed a non-profit organisation named YogaPartout-Satoshi.Yoga in May of 2023 so that

  • Instead of selling my customer service, sales and telemarketing company I gave away my clients to someone else and gave to the non-profit the YogaPartout and Satoshi.Yoga web site.

Maintenance of the site

All financial ressources have been used five months after the beginning of the web sites

The results

Giving and fund raising

The first round of fund raising was sufficient enough to pay for an advertising banner that was used to recruit more members and money

Maintenance of the site

As of September 25th 2023, all financial ressources budgeted was used till the end of our fiscal year
Should there be a charitable soul out there willing to explain what should be done on the tiki side to fix the bug as described here bellow, we will give a handsome 'virtual' reward to whoever can help as we are in the process of having our own token.

Why I am using Tiki.org

Because of its

  • Integration Capabilities
  • Unified Customer Experience
  • Accelerated Digital Transformation
  • API-Led Connectivity
  • Enhanced Data Flow
  • Comprehensive Integration Solutions
  • Improved Innovation and Agility
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