TikiFest2013-MontrealOttawa partially played the role of this event (sort of) and TikiFest2013-MontrealOttawa-2-Bootstrap is coming

Let's organize a TikiFest focused on design, themes & user experience in Montréal, Canada.


  • There is no set date. It will happen when the people interested in the topic will come together and say they want it (hint hint!)


The goal is take Tiki theming to the next level for designers. We'll coordinate the big picture wishes / todo at Themes Revamp


  • Gary & luci (main theme architects)
  • Jonny (jQuery wizard and Theme Generator developer)
    • I need to be in the UK late June so May or July suits me best...
  • Pondstone (Duane & Gary)
  • CitadelRock (Nelson & Pascal)
  • CGCOM (Patrick, Simon and Sébastien)
  • Philippe Dallaire (who is starting a web design company which will do Tiki & WordPress)
  • Rita Studio (Karine)
  • Tanéa (CDEC)
  • Rick Sapir
  • iXmedia (Hélène Dufour)
  • Daniel Weekends is fine for me. One or two evenings too. I can accomodate one person for sleep (South-Shore = Metro Longueuil)
  • you?



Through our local Tiki network, we have access to an impressive number of places to sleep. So no need to pay for a hotel. Just plan to take time off and buy your plane ticket!

This event was previously planned as TikiFestDesign9 or TikiFestDesign10 or TikiFestDesign11

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