Re: Categorize Calendar Items and Blog Entries ?

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> I just finished the categorization of file uploads, editing and deleting work fine as well.
> Besides trying to find a way to donate these improvements to the community, I continue working on the categorization of other objects, like calendar items and blog entries.
> But I stumbled into some things there...first of all, is it possible at all to achieve this ?
> With "files" you have some real "physical" objects to handle, but i´m dont get a grab on those mentioned above...
> Any ideas ?
As far as I can see, each blog post is a database record (or collecion of), and so adding categorization of individual posts (a feature I would look forward to and use) would involve putting a table in the database - a link table, so multiple categories can be assigned to post items (it is a many-many relationship). As far as I can see, there is a blog post ID, and a category ID, which are what you would have in the links table. The same method can probably be applied to calendar items.

Anyway - well done for the work so far. It is most definately a direction I like.


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