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Re: Trouble viewing a YouTube video in a Trackerlist plugin on a Wiki page

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jangriff wrote:

Wiki Version = 6.1

I created a Tracker, and one of the fields is for a YouTube video to display. When I view the Tracker within the Tracker Admin, I can see the YouTube video just fine.

The problem is when I use the Trackerlist plugin on a Wiki page, it does not display the YouTube video at all.

I am having a similar problem. I'm using Tiki 4.x and using TRACKERLIST plugin in a wiki page. For anyone other than Anonymous, it works. One of the tracker fields is an HTML tag that contains object and embed links to a media player from divshare.com. Works fine when I view as a logged-in user, but not when anonymous.

I do have tiki_p_use_as_template as well as allow html permissions set for anonymous but still can't figure it out.