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Ok, I don't use these things myself much so I'm a little unclear what exactly the Social Networks feature does. I've read the doc on it, and it says how to do it, but I'm still not quite sure what the end result will be. What will it enable users to do? Or me as the webmaster for that matter? Do I need a Facebook and/or Twitter account first to make use of these (I'm mostly interested in these two)? Will they add exposure for my site at these places?

Thanks for any help.


Yes, that's it more or less.

You need a Twitter account and / or Facebook account to make use of this feature.

Once you have these, you can link your Tiki to these accounts.

For me, I use this as a labour saving device so, for example, I set up a 'Shoutbox' on my website. I can then post to this shoutbox one message and select for it to simultaneously be posted to a Twitter and Facebook account.

Before Tiki Social Networks I had to go to three places (the Tiki website, Facebook and Twitter) to post the message.

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