Luis Argerich.


You can reach me at: lrargerich at yahoo.com
(29) I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm one of the starters of the Tikiwiki project, I wrote most of the sloppy code that other fellow developers are now helping to fix, mantain and improve.

Current activities:

  • Teacher at the University of Buenos Aires (U.B.A.)
  • Developer for a US company from its office in Buenos Aires
  • Contributor to open source projects like Tikiwiki and others.

Some Open source projects

  • Creator of the PHPXMLClasses project, a set of classes for XML processing from PHP
  • Creator and mantainer of several Smarty plugins
  • Creator and developer of Tikiwiki
  • Developer of the PHP RDF parser
  • Developer of PHP-Talo and the pXp project

Some books:

Some writings and articles:

Some talks and conferences where I went as a Speaker

  • (2003) IV Jornadas del software libre (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • (2002) ApacheCon 2002 (Santa Clara, California)

A contest I won (!)

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