The format used to import and export Wiki pages in Tiki is compatible with the PHPWiki system so you can import pages from PHPWiki or from other Tiki systems. A link called Wiki import dump can be used to import pages.

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First of all unzip/uncompress the Tiki or PHPWiki dump somewhere. Then enter the path to the files using an absolute path or a path relative to the Tiki directory, the trailing slash is needed.

The first option is used to know if an imported page can overwrite an existing page, if not then only new pages will be imported. If overwriting is enabled then imported pages will be added to the page history that means that the old page versions are NOT lost when importing. If you don t want to keep the old page versions set to yes the option to remove the page before importing if the page exist.

Option Overwrite pages Remove before
Imported pages will completely replace old pages. The old page versions are lost. Yes Yes
Imported pages will overwrite existing pages but the old versions of the page will be kept in the page history Yes No
Imported pages cannot overwrite existing pages. No No

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