• Quizzes added, you can create quizzes with any number of multiple choice questions, you can assign points to each question and show an Quiz result to the user depending on his score. Quiz results can be stored and stats are kept about Quizzes. You can also indicate a time limit for each quiz and if the quiz can be repeated or not.

  • HTML pages added, you can create and display static or dynamic HTML pages that can be used as subhomes, special sections, credits page, live scores for spots, stock values, live news coverage, etc. A very flexible addition and dynamic pages are very interesting.

  • Now templates can be edited and applied to wiki pages, articles, submissions and HTML pages.

  • Shout box screen and shout box module added a nice way for users to communicate and send shot messages to other users in the site.

  • Now admin can choose to store files for file galleries on the database or a directory, using directory requires some extra configuration but may be more comfortable to handle large files.

  • Optionally a passcode can be used to let user register into the system, this is useful for semi-public or private sites.

  • You can now specify how featured links will open with three options: replace current browser window, open in a new window or open in a iframe inside the window.

  • New syntax to underline text in wiki pages.

  • New syntax to next lists in wiki pages you can use *,**,***,#,##,### etc

  • New {showdate} function available to display the current date in modules.

  • New top games module.

  • New syntax to display a random image from any gallery {gallery id=n} in modules.

  • Now groups can include other groups inheriting the included groups permissions.

  • New syntax for internal links in the wiki: ((page|description))

  • New theme: jalist

  • Now you can select individual layout per sections if you want for example to remove a column or a top bar only in the forums, faqs, etc.

  • New since your last visit module showing new objects since the user last visit.

  • You can now indicate the default ordering for weblogs in the weblog listing.

  • You can use any URL as your home page so you can put any tiki section as the home page.

  • Improved forums section showing more information for the last post in forums and forum topics.

  • Now you can collect stats about search terms and as admin see the most searched terms in your site.

  • Added a usage graph showing the activity for each section of your site (Wiki, Forums, etc).

  • You can enable/disable the user ability to change the theme and language from the user preferences screen.

  • You can add regular expressions to filter filenames for file uploads, you can do positive checks (filename must match regex) and negative checks (filename must not match regex).

  • Added google search module.

  • Added an option to prevent counting the admin page views for site stats.

  • Modules can now accept parameters in the form of a URL query string (example foo=1&bar=3) this can be used to tweak the behavior of modules so you don't need a zillion different modules you can use only one with parameters for the same kind of task.

  • Added raw navigation mode to the wiki. You can use tiki-index_raw.php instead of tiki-index.php to get a raw representation of the Wiki without columns bars and decorations this can be used to feed a program that automatically navigates wikis such as the Touchgraph wiki browser.

  • Improved forums listing more information about the last post.

  • New syntax for wiki table accepting colspanning ||r1c1|r1c1||r2c1c2||

  • Option added in the admin screen to prevent counting admin page views.

  • Editable drawings can be included in Wiki pages, articles and blog posts using {draw name=foo}, a permission is needed to be able to edit_drawings. Drawings are stored in a directory and identified by their name. The drawings are edited using a Java applet called jHotDraw. This feature can be disabled.

  • Referrer stats, you can enable an option to store statistics about referrers to your site, a screen where the referrers are listed is provided to see the stats.

  • Batch upload of Images. If you have the permission you can upload .zip files and all the images in the zip file are automatically added to the gallery.

  • File attachments for wiki pages, with the right permissions you can upload files to wiki pages and a list of attached files will be displayed at the bottom of the wiki page and they can be downloaded.

  • Now images for the image galleries can be stored optionally in a directory instead of the database, the same recommendations and tips about storing file uploads should be observed.

  • Improved spellchecker, now the spellchecker suggest several options for miss-spelled words and you can choose the option that you prefer from the list.

  • Icons are displayed for file extensions when listing files.

  • You can enable/disable an option to display the page title for wiki pages.

  • Improved menu builder.

  • You can now choose if hotword links are opened in a new window.

  • Reduced the number of queries that tiki makes when loading preferences, if not changed preferences are loaded from a file now this is controlled automatically and you don't have to do anything.

  • Integrated search feature you can now search for words on the entire site.

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