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Get Help

Standard installation, configuration, and use

Need help installing or using Tiki? Please check out the free community resources:

When those aren't enough or aren't appropriate, Tiki consultants can be hired. Enterprise support is also available for corporations and large organizations.

Community Resources

Freely available help information

For guidance on all aspects of Tiki, please check out the Documentation at doc.tiki.org. Tiki has a lot of features and the documentation is not always up to date, but it's the first place to look. Of course, doc.tiki.org (doc.t.o.) is a Tiki installation, so the site also demonstrates features and use. Once you are registered at tiki.org, you can log in at doc.tiki.org (or dev.t.o. or themes.t.o.) with the same username and password, via the InterTiki feature.

The Tiki Forums are the place to post comments and questions, which should be responded to fairly quickly.
Mailing lists are also avaiable at SourceForge.net. There is a users list (low volume) and a developers list (higher volume) that anyone can subscribe to.

chat is available on the Matrix platform, where you can get closer to realtime responses to questions and comments.

Each month there is an online Roundtable Meeting that everyone is warmly invited to attend, at tiki.org/live. Video recordings of past meetings are available for reference.

TikFests are, traditionally, informal in-person gatherings over several days or more, that people come to from all over the world and talk, plan, code, and have fun. In this time of pandemic restrictions, virtual TikiFests have been held instead, and again all are welcome to join.

Consultant Services

Find expert paid services

If the standard paths to help don't provide the answers you need, or if you have a Tiki project that you would like paid help for, some members of the Tiki community, as individuals, offer their services for a fee. Please visit the Consultants page for more information.

Complex/extended projects

For projects that require a corporate relationship and solution, enterprise support is available. If you are planning such a project please see EvoluData.com and its WikiSuite solution, of which Tiki is the principal component.

Although Tiki is open source software and any capable vendor can learn it and provide support to clients, EvoluData is the only company known to us that is offering enterprise support for Tiki-based projects at this time. If you are a company that currently offers enterprise support for Tiki installations or that would like to add Tiki to the solutions that you offer to clients, please contact us or add your information to our list of consultants at Consultants.

Helping with the Tiki project

For help and information on how you can contribute to the Tiki project, please see Get Involved.

Helping the project and yourself

There is opportunity for web shops, web integrators and others not currently involved with Tiki to become involved and both help expand a market and benefit from it. Please see Get Involved for more information.

Finding out about the project

Please see:

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