TikiWiki Jukebox

This is the Tikiwiki jukebox help page.

This feature is currently being developed in CVS by Damian
We now have:

  • Jukebox menu in Tikiwiki
  • Working Jukebox admin screen
  • Database tables setup and permissions
  • Menu options will be added as needed to the mod-application_menu, then to the database menu
  • Working Genre management including genre permission (add, edit and remove functionality)

Jukebox stores audio files along with Artist, Track, Category etc. It also allows the ability to build "albums" out of the tracks and upload album graphics.

Background to it
This jukebox was something that I wrote before I found Tikiwiki to provide an index to my music collection and allow it to be streamed using a Shoutcast server to provide Music on demand.

I'm including options to allow it to use a shoutcast server if its available on the host. Otherwise the music player will stream directly if its available, Players such as Windows Media Player are like this. Others will require the initial download first.

Its all written in PHP and using a simple 3 table MySQL database, so now its time for it to become part of the Tikiwiki project mrgreen

See also
arrow JukeboxDev
arrow Development Demo: http://tikigod.org choose the CVS branch code

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