TFV2020 VueJS Notes

I’m calling this “notes” as I should have started it ten hours ago...

This will hopefully become a slideshow at some point!
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Vue.js in Tiki

By jonny Bradley
Virtual TikiFest 2020 June 15th


  • Apologies in advance, this is a slideshow without any animated gifs...

Except this one


What is Vue.js and why should it be in Tiki?

So we picked Vue!

How to add it to Tiki?

  • My JavaScript was (at least) 10 years out of date
    • So lots of learning of new things in JS i had been doing with jQuery for ages, such as forEach and arrow functions
  • node.js / npm compiled/built JavaScript
    • Have to admit I've not got on well with that
  • Tiki needs static files
  • Todo list demo here was encouraging
    Screenshot 2020 06 15 At 12.24.04

Fragile (kludge?) Solution for Tracker Rules

  • So the plan was to generate static “single file component” style js files in temp/public
  • It seems to work, so that might have to do? ?
    • I just feel I cheated somehow...

Where Next

  • Duration field in 22.x
    • Victor and Andon created a gorgeous duration picker and mini-chronograph app
      Screenshot 2020 06 15 At 12.34.20 Screenshot 2020 06 15 At 12.34.31
  • So What's Next For Vue.js in Tiki?

Project Fluffy?

  • (A.K.A. Gadgets)
  • This is the long standing idea to merge our plugins (which don't plug in) and modules (which aren't modules) and to have a common inherited Object Oriented system to manage them
  • Vue.js is surely perfect for the job, right?

Any Questions?

Can do some demos (hopefully)

Thanks all, you can get me at jonny at tiki.org or via https://tiki.org/jonnybradley
(hey, someone broke my picture! eek)