Tiki Suite use cases

See also https://tiki.org/Major+use+cases for general use cases of Tiki. (not the whole Suite)

Organizations that want a fully FLOSS stack, and do not want to or can't rely on external services.

Distributed SME

  • Small and medium enterprises including co-ops and nonprofit organizations
  • Typically with at least one physical office
  • 10-100 employees
    • For fewer than 10: It may not be necessary to have the complete Suite with LDAP and all. It can be simpler to just use Tiki and e-mail accounts from typical shared hosting. When the organization grows and needs increase, it's easy to migrate from "Just Tiki" to the complete Tiki Suite.
    • For hundreds or thousands: The components can all scale to much more than 100. For example, tiki.org has 20 000 accounts. However, the current Tiki Suite contributors are focusing for now on small deployments. If you are interested in Tiki Suite for a large number of users, please do get involved to help make this happen :-)
  • Good proportion of knowledge workers
  • Typically with some Homesourcing
  • Not just full-time staff but freelancers & partners need access to the information system.
  • Diverse clients (Windows / MacOS / GNU/Linux / Tablets / Mobile)
  • In a service/knowledge industry but not manufacturing
    • OK to have a web shopping cart and inventory

This represents millions & millions of organizations.

Examples of organizations

Web agency / digital agency

A web agency uses Tiki to deploy various Web projects for its customers.

Tiki along with shared hosting does a great job of this out-of-the-box. However, if the web agency wanted to manage the hosting including e-mail with FLOSS, this will be covered in a second phase of Tiki Suite.

SMEs are using Tiki as part of their operations while Web agencies are using Tiki as part of their services. Of course a web agency is also an SME and could also use Tiki for its operations.


Tiki Suite is intended first for a typical SME. A law firm, a web agency, a charity etc. ERP typically involves manufacturing and a warehouse. This is not planned for phase 1 of Tiki Suite, but could be added if enough people get involved to make it happen.

Other use cases

As we go, we'll perhaps add more. Please see: Tiki Suite Specialized components

And see https://tiki.org/Use+Cases

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