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Re: Re: Why not integrate phpBB?

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> > I ask because I like many of the features in phpBB, and I'm wondering if there's a compelling reason for me to stick with the built-in Tiki Forums rather than just writing a connector for the user info. Obviously, there would be more to it than just that, especiallly if phpBB were to run in a frame or were otherwise included in the page, but the concept is the same: is it not less work to incorporate a mature package than to write one from scratch?
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> I, myself have been trying to do this by messing with the PHP code. It certainly was anything but easy! Don't try this unless you wish to spend hours everyday for several weeks doing so. Of course, there's probably an easier way that I haven't thought of yet.

For those of you still looking for a phpBB importer into TikiWiki forums, please check my updated comments in http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1018

The general idea for migration from phpBB (or any other forum system) to TikiWiki is because you are using TikiWiki, wish to use its integrated forum system, and wish to retain the content from your old system. This is the same philosophy I use for migrating from one Tiki server's forums to another...while the usernames are retained in the posts, and the actual post, datestamps, and reply info are retained, attachments, actual users, and other such unimportant items are ignored. The main goal is to get the substance of the forum posts from one system to another.

I am nearing completion of the Tiki forum importer to import from one Tiki system to another, and once that is complete, I'll be working on import for phpbb2 forums into Tiki. My goal is to have something for phpbb2 by the end of December. The tool will support import from a specified server, from a specified database on that server, or from an SQL text dump.

If you have any questions about the import tool, or you have any specific things you want to see in the phpBB import part of it, either reply here, add them to the above tracker item, or PM me.