Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Community and *.tiki.org site organization

List of TikiWiki based websites

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Has anybody the list of different websites based on TikiWiki?
I do preffer the successive and popular ones.

I want to test and compare the actual usage of the all variosity of TikiWiki featchers implemented in the field.

Thank you.

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Thank you Rick.

The link is very usefull.
Still I didn't find the set of feachers I'm interesting in.

We are going to build a new web platform.
Some special merge between CMS and social network.

I'm looking for the proper engine to start from...


I'm already reading your guide for Smarties
It's a good peace of work.
Nevertheless, I don't feel I got the whole picture of opportunities, TikiWiki provides.

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Just a suggestion, but somebody might want to add a link to the directory, to report dead links and dead sites. My own Black Paladin dot Com site is still listed there, but that site was retired this past spring, and the domain is now owned by someone else (Who no doubt is hoping I'll want to buy it back at some crazy price. LOL). But I can see no way of deleting the listing, or to report it as a dead site. It would not show up as a broken link, since the link still works, just that the site is not a tw site any longer.
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Yes, it would be good to clean up the list: most of the sites in there that I have accessed are no longer online.

Incidentally, today I submitted a bunch of new ones that I found. Well, new ones, that is, compared to when the last ones were updated here... biggrin

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