russian for not admin users

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i need russian for site and i have it for admin user, but for registered users and not registered - is english. I tried to see in permissions- but i cant see option for it.
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Make sure the "Default language" setting in Admin | i18n is set to russian
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i already have "Default language" russian- but i see it only for admin user! when i login by registered user- i have english interface!
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I have the same problem, the admin part of almost all English, not yet moved to the end. But it was too wants the Russian language completely. Probably for this reason, do not use Russian tiki wiki, although it is very convenient for me, but the problem is the implementation of the Russian language all the very hard for me. Maybe there are some who have the complete file with the translation into Russian?
I will be glad for the help, thank you!

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Hi sergrlager,

Can you tell us what TW version you use.
Did you flush cache after you set language ?

Did you check that your browser language is not setting your website overall language. (admin => i8n) ?