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Title of pages cut after a certain number of characters, after upgrading to 15.4

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After upgrading from 12.11 to 15.4 I have a problem editing pages when their title is longer than a number of characters. I can't even create pages with long title.

Note: My tiki-wiki 'has' only pages in Greek.

When I try to create a page with a long title, for example "Δοκιμαστικό λήμμα για να εξετάσω το πρόβλημα" and then try to save it, I will get the error
Page not found
Δοκιμαστικό λήμμα για να εξετά

So you see the title is cut at the 30th character and the page is not longer found (probably tiki is searching for the cut - title version of the page). But: When I see all my pages from the menu wiki->list pages, the page is there with the LONG (full) title.

The same with existing pages with long title: If I edit / save them, I get the same error and... bye bye page, I can see and open it only through wiki->list pages, but not otherwise (for example, I can't visit it through an already existing link in another page, because the link points to the "full - title" page).

Is there any option that limits number of characters in tiki pages to 30, that I am not aware of?

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I come back to report:

  • Same problem after upgrading to 16.2. So doesn't have to do with tiki version.
  • Same problem after checking or unchecking the Enforce utf-8 box during install.php procedure. Doesn't have to do with this.
  • Pages with title in English have not problem - they are saved with title as long as they like (but you already know that).
  • Rolled back to 12.11 as site was unusable with this title problem. Again (in 12.11) pages may have a long title in Greek, no problem there.

So, any hint?

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Hi Nikos,
iirc it has to do with SEFURLs - the name of the page is stored in column for URLs and it seems they are stored with limited chars when there is non-latin language characters they occupy more letters in UTF-8 than latin and then it does not fit. I thought there was a discussion and fix about it already with a Japanese guy but apparently it was not fixed... The fix would be finding where it is stored and (I think) to increase the limit by changing that column from varchar type to text type (A string with a maximum length of 65,535 characters).


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Luci, are you referring to the column pageSlug of my DB, the type/value of which I can see and change by means of phpmyadmin?

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A great solution (I think) would be a plugin that would automatically change the url of pages whose title is in non latin language -> in latin language. Example: I create the wiki page "Αρίσταρχος". As my installation works now, the url will be /mydomain/αρίσταρχος

In other CMS I have used, the URL is automatically changed to /mydomain/aristarchos

Is there a way to do it in Tiki?

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No good news there. Unfortunately, I cant set varchar over 255 neither I can use text. I get the #1170 error, explanation is found at stackoverflow.com/questions/1827063/mysql-error-key-specification-without-a-key-length