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Ideas on how to create a small "sales corner"?

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I would like to collect some ideas what features or plug-ins might be helpful to create something like a "sales corner"? Tiki Wikis run be non-profit organisations may want to add something they already do when they have a printed magazine or newsletter, a sales corner. Some space reserved to sell small amounts of items like self-published books, older magazine issues, books that have been reviewed, CDs or (more historically :-)) t-shirts and stuff like that. Doesn't have to be fancy. This is not the prime directive for such a Wiki, just a welcomed by-product that helps to keep the Wiki (and the organization) up and running.

There should be a number of items that can easily be entered by non-admins, images can be taken from the file gallery. A number of these items should be presentable in one page, say a matrix of 5 by 5. Users should be able to click on a button to buy, and at least a rudimentary bill should be created for the user, VAT calculated, S&H added, and some form of alert to the org (either e-mail or aggregated info that can be easily viewed). No need for high fashion layout or bills management. KISS (keep it simple and straightforward).

Any ideas?


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Ok, so far the looks of it are alright, but the "add to cart" buttons just does nothing. Not even an error message... I checked with the instance on show2, there the buttons does what it should do. But not the checkout button on the cart! That leads to a page that expectedly calls the invoice http://hman-11504-7349.show2.tikiwiki.org/tiki-payment.php?invoice=1, but that throws the error "This invoice does not exist or access to it is restricted."

The expected behaviour was to be directed to the paypal sandbox (with or without being presented the invoice first)...

Thanks hman

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Jonny Bradley wrote:
Thanks for keeping going this with hman, i haven't updated that profile since about tiki 15.x days, so please do fix anything you find wrong with it so others may benefit from your work!

In the profile, a user that is member of "Managers" group cannot see the Products Tracker. The function "List Trackers" yields an empty result. Thus, Managers are unable to add products, only admins can do that.

In this respect, my "handmade" implementation of the profile works better than the profile itself. My implementation has a flaw somewhere else: Although Managers users are allowed to enter new product, the actual entry of them fails because the categories, which are set to be mandatory, aren't displayed on the entry popup window. when the user is a user and not admin There is the sub-headline category, but the categories themselves are missing (a set of radio buttons would be the expected result).

Workaround would be that I temporarily remove the mandatory flag from the category, but that is not wise once I go into production. What permission controls the display of categories on the entry popup? They are displayed in the shop, in all view forms, so they are there (and admin can even set them from the beginning, that's why I think it is a missing permission. So far cannot check against the "real" profile, per the above mentioned problem... At the moment I do not have to nerve to dig through the source code of php responsible for this behaviour...

Thanks for your help

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I have the feeling that unless someone have more time to recreate the case and check what is going on it will be up to you to dig why this is not working for you.

My only advise for now are:

... In a few days I should start live chat discussions about Tiki once a week.
We could discuss this and try together (sharing screen) ?
To be notified, subscribe to my Youtube Tiki channel.

Good luck.

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I guess the problem is the age of Tiki Cart, and supposedly that it hasn't been used much on more modern Tiki installations (and compared to Tiki Cart, 18 IS relatively modern).

Since I have rented web space, I shy away from the hassle of creating an entire new 18 just for testing. Actually, my 18 once was the "playground" for updating my site running on 12, but in the meantime I found a use for that, so it's in practical use...

IF the server load on show2 goes down AND the problem with it's database gets fixed, I could install the profile there and then go through all settings and find the difference. But at the moment, show2 is VERY slow, and it complains about the database needing an upgrade to match the 18.5, which I cannot do...

Thanks for your help so far (I believe we are close, the tracker DB is up and I could introduce some new products.) What is missing at the moment is a "shop display", a Wiki page showing all products. After all that has been done, I think some more work waits for me to create an alternative to Paypal invoicing. Many folks don't want to have Ebay everywhere... It shouldn't be that hard to create an e-mail from the data.

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As I mentioned I tested it on Tiki19 and it was ok. (see the video)
I believe it should be ok in 20 and 21 too.

What is missing at the moment is a "shop display", a Wiki page showing all products.

Then the right direction would be a plugin List pointing to your products tracker (with a buy button pointing to the itemId of each one). ?

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Since show2 turned responsive again (and someone has fixed the db problem, thanks to whomever) I did install the profile there.

Looks like the main thing missing was I lacked the content of cart product, cart products and the instructions page. Copied that, works. Then found out I missed to activate plugin add to cart, fixed that, and now -from the first look out it- there is just some hiccup in defining tracker_category on the inventory (both the demo inventory and the new one I added). But I guess I can fix that when I have more spare time today.

Thanks so far

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