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List Pages in a Category by Letter

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{QUOTE(thread_id=>75308)}That's actually the best idea I had come up with too - in lieu of Tiki not having a built-in feature to display pages like this, I am planning on building a template with a list plugin for each letter - that way I only have to change the category. Just to make sure, this is along the lines of what you're talking about right?

{filter type="wiki page" categories=1}
{filter field="title_initial" exact="A"}

Yes that should be good.
You just need a lot of duplication.

Test it right and then copy paste the code, change "title_initial" and category ID depending on where you are at.

From memory, we have in tikilib a function to create A to Z list but I couldn’t find (back then) how to use it to avoid duplication og list plugins.