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Can Tiki do row level security?

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Hi all,

I've been searching for an answer all day and I've hit a roadblock. I'm wondering if someone can enlighten me on this: is there a way to limit what parts of a tracker (rows) a user sees depending on their group permissions or category permissions?

So what I mean by that is, say we have 3 items in a tracker (let's call it TRACKER _X). It has one field for DEPARTMENT, and another field for BUDGET.

Two items belong to DEPARTMENT "Finance". One item belongs to DEPARTMENT "Administration".

Now lets assume I'm a "Finance" person who belongs in the group "Finance". I don't want to see "Administration" line items when I log in. I don't want to use TRACKER Filter to manually change what I see as I'm not supposed to see another department's data, so I want it to automatically show the relevant items depending on my DEPARTMENT only, when I log in...

The only way I could think of doing something like this was to use two different pages and use PluginList to only pre-filter things relevant to me.

Note I need edit and view access for only my / my group's line items, which I think I can do in the tracker permissions?

Any guidance would be much appreciated 😊

Thank you!

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If that's not possible is there a way to hide the items button when viewing the details of a tracker item?

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Marc Laporte wrote:

Yes. Look in the "Permissions" section

Attached is a screenshot of how I use.

Best regards,


Thank you Marc, that's partly what I'm looking for. The permission you have set is on the field (column) level, yes?

The other thing I was hoping for is if the same tracker is used for multiple departments they need to see all fields, but just for their departments. Is that possible?

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A further update - I think I have figured out what I was doing wrong - I needed to:

  1. Create a group
  2. Set the tracker itself so I could view my own group
  3. Use a trackerlist to filter by group

That worked a tread :-D

One last thing, is there a way you can hide the Items button as per the attached?