create lib/closeboxes.js using following code:

function setsectionstate(foo, def, img) {
        var status = getCookie(foo, "menu", "c");
        if (null === status) {
                status = "c";
        /*you may open specific modules by default, for main menu for example*/
        /*if (foo == "mod-YOURMODULENAME") {*/
        /*        status = "o";*/
        /*}                         */
        if (status == "o") {
                if (img) src = "o" + img;
        } else if (status != "c" && def != 'd') {
                if (img) src = "o" + img;
        } else /*if (status == "c")*/ {
                if (img) src = img;
        if (img) document.getElementsByName(foo + 'icn')[0].src = document.getElementsByName(foo + 'icn')[0].src.replace(/[^\\\/]*$/, src);

then include as script after tiki-js.js in header.tpl... it overwrites setsectionstate function of tikilib

boxes should be closed now after reload in browser, other things should work as expected (maybe the fo and ofo images are a bit weird)

Page last modified on Monday 31 July 2006 20:11:51 GMT-0000

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