Yes, some of you may think this is not possible, but I did it, and it works fine for the use I have.
For the curious people: Working here But please, do not create users, they'll be deleted, this is a closed community site.
For the French people there's a french version here

There are some flaws which may have to be corrected, but... I did not have time yet.

The interresting part:
I first tryed to install by following the InstallWithOnlyFtpAccess. There's realy too much in there for this installation.

The first steps are realy easier:

Create your "site_perso". I think you already know how to do this, but for the short of it: create your mail acount, activate your "pages_perso", and your database. Nothing more. Keep in mind that the activation may take a couple of days.

Download a Tikiwiki tarball (I used version 1.8.5)
Create a directory "Site_root" which will correspond to you root directory on free servers.
In it, create three directories:
- one named exactly "include"
- one named exactly "sessions"
- and one with the name you want for example "wiki"
(remember, you will see the last one in the browser address bar: http://your_site_perso_name.free.fr/wiki/ )

untar the tikiwiki tarball in the "wiki" directory.

Then here is the job:
Find all .htaccess files:
-in the files with Filesmatch directives lookig like
<Filesmatch "*">
remove the lines with "Filesmatch" markups and the tabs at the begining of the other lines to have something like this:
order deny,allow
deny from all
-delete the files with Filesmatch directives lookig like
<Filesmatch "blablabla">

Copy everything from wiki/lib wiki/lib/pear wiki/lib/adodb in the "include" directory. (I said copy, not move !!!)
I know this will duplicate the files... but you have it working isn't it?
Here you may have a message because some files already exists. This is no problem... from what I remember, I checked and the files are the same, so use -u option (nix users) or chose erase files (windows users)

And then, move on with the process:
Use your favorite FTP utility to upload everything to the root dir of your website.
Mind: the "wiki" dir may be anywhere, but the "include" and "sessions" must be in the root dir.

Then close your FTP utility, and hopefully your're done with it. (I had to use it intensively to manage the installation)

Open your prefered Web browser (Mozila or Firefox I hope), and go to the page http://your_site_perso_name.free.fr/wiki/tiki-install.php
From now on, nothing special, just follow the steps, you'll find tips somewhere in the neighborhood.

Some explanations
Why did I have to do this all of this?
- I did not check everything but some php functions are disabled on free, and expetialy ini_set, which is used to set the path. Maybe there's another way to set the path.. but I did not here about it. Just let me know.

- It seems that some .htaccess functionnalities are not supported, and the file matching is one of them.
Now this is a problem: if someone try to access http://your_site_perso_name.free.fr/ he will find your directories, and especially the "include" and "sessions".
It may be useful to add .htaccess there to prevent browsing and download. You also have the possibility to create a redirection to wiki/index.php.... I leave this up to you.
Still, in the directories where we removed the .htaccess everybody is allowed to download everything.... I don't think this is a problem.... but I do not know much about Tikiwiki either.... so if you know better, fell free to add comments :-)

Have fun and enjoy!
Drizzt :-)

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