General Description

Build a PDF of a wiki page.


With administratrive privileges click Admin, then click the Wiki icon. Check the appropriate checkbox for PDF Generation and save your changes.

Requirements for PDF generation

This is a important feature for Wiki. We need to add a list of things required for PDF generation.

  1. Enable php-xml extension (e.g. by installing php-xml package for your Linux distribution and enabling extension = xml.so in your php.ini file; please note that in PHP for Windows it's enabled by default).
  2. Enable php-pdf extension in your php.ini file. IMHO php-pdf is not required — luci
  3. Please add other (PDF extra).

Key Function and sub-features

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Typical Uses
  • Export of hardprintable material
  • Interoperability

Case Studies
  • <damian> make sure your servernames etc are set correctly on admin->general too, otherwise imgs fail.
  • <merlinus_> ok, checking thanks... servername in general - you mean the "Use URI as Home Page" setting?
  • <damian> nope, underneath those options
  • <merlinus_> or just "server name" down below... ok, does it need to be the full URI (http://...) or just the hostname?
  • <damian> just the name



For more information

PdfGenerationDoc - (Please, someone write this document)

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